The Veronicas Lyrics

In a word, WOW....that's The Veronicas.

20 year-old identical twins from Brisbane Australia, Jess
and Lisa Origliasso blend natural born singing and
songwriting talent, looks to kill and a lifetime of
performing experience to create an off the hook,
irresistibly appealing debut album. If it all sounds too
good to be true, The Secret Life Of The Veronicas, their
dynamic Sire Records debut album kicks the “Wow Factor” up
a notch or two. Simply put, The Veronicas bear no
resemblance to your standard prepackaged teen dream. Tough
and More...

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Review about The Veronicas songs
idiots | Reviewer: amanda
    ------ About the song Lolita performed by The Veronicas

quit acting like you know what the song is about. just because it mentioned lolita doesnt mean its about teenage sex. in their interview about the video they clearly stated the song is about love and all the things that can come from love. so maybe you should've been take out the back and shot a long time ago.. idiotic moron.

This is crap! | Reviewer: charli
    ------ About the song Lolita performed by The Veronicas

I cannot believe that the Veronicas are actually singing about 'Lolita' and making it sound like she had an enjoyable life!! Lolita was a victim of rape at the age of 12! stop singing crappy songs and thinking your so cool with your movie references. You obviously haven't understood the meaning of them. Oh, also, Katy Perry has already used Lolita as inspiration, so try and be original next time.

Disgustipated... | Reviewer: Kyle (a disgusted metalhead who heard this on the radio)
    ------ About the song Lolita performed by The Veronicas

This song is why you end up with pregnant teenage girls... Make the idea of statutory rape appealing to young girls, and they'll go for it... They're practically retarted... Shame on the veronicas.... Anyone who doesn't understand the soure of my disgust need only find out what "lolita" means... The veronicas should have been taken out the back and shot a long time ago...

Amazing | Reviewer: sarah jane short <3
    ------ About the song When It All Falls Apart performed by The Veronicas

I know the veronicas aren't reading this this if they were i would like to say that i know im like the million person to say this but me and my friends ( sisters ) love this song ( when it all falls apart ) its our favourite and my friends ( sisters ) have amazing voices and almost sound just like yous i sware.! <3
I hope the veronicas can read this love sarah and the sisters <e xx

Xiuling To The Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song World's Apart performed by The Veronicas

this is my favorite song ever the veronicas are the best my favorite in my opinion they are better than anyone but you know everyone has different favorites.... love the veronicas

I wish I could find him in another life | Reviewer: HappyLoner
    ------ About the song In Another Life performed by The Veronicas

I miss my best friend who I was in love and he also was with me, but I was to young for him and he told me he'll wait... he'll wait for ever for me. He moved on other country and we lost contact but I'd never stop loving him a few months later I found out he died and my whole world fell apart, We had a little fight before he leaved and I dont know why he'd say that my life will continue without him, to hang on. Now I understand

bleh.... | Reviewer: Isaac
    ------ About the song Untouched performed by The Veronicas

Hhaha all of your hatter comments worth is: crap, overall this is a catchy song good to dance, some may like it like me ..and others that don't and dont know why they are here...its called diversity, so grow up and live with it...XD dam haters...

gfs can hurt | Reviewer: katherine
    ------ About the song Heavily Broken performed by The Veronicas

im bi and i had a girlfriend, who is all athletic and stuff, and im a band nerd. we never see eachother any more. i told her i loved her and right after that she said she wanted to be straight so she broke up with me right then and there.i miss you lexibear :)

I love this song | Reviewer: jonnyboy
    ------ About the song 4ever performed by The Veronicas

It's got the perfect line - come with me tonight, we can make the night last 4ever. I dream of my girl singing this line to me - and she does.
Jesse and Lisa sing so sexy together and sing so well together. All the R&B groups should listen to this to see how people sing TOGETHER. It's a great song. Great beat. Great words great singing.

veronicas rock | Reviewer: deon lawrance AKA De-De
    ------ About the song Everything I'm Not performed by The Veronicas

i luv ur songs lisa and jess. u r da best i luv the song every thing im not. u rock my world and my sox off. for those out there who hate the song everything im not which i dought there isn't u suckkkk!!!! p.s may i plz see your next show update meee.

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