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In the Darwinian egosystem of rock 'n' roll, survival
depends on musical instincts, and they don't come any
keener than those of The Verve Pipe. Since the early 90's,
this formidable alliance of alpha males has thrived by
making music their way, with two indie and two RCA albums
to their credit. Some observers have had trouble
categorizing The Verve Pipe's music, mostly because the
band itself has steadfastly refused to be pinned down.
However, fans have long understood what The Verve Pipe is
all about: great songs performed from the More...

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Review about The Verve Pipe songs
Beautiful wedding song | Reviewer: Shawn
    ------ About the song Colorful performed by The Verve Pipe

Rockstar, the movie, introduced me to this song and I've been playing it ever since on my acoustic. If I weren't already married, I'd be using this as my wedding song. Love the words. Love the vocals. Love the music. This song so deserves to be more popular. It still blows me away.

Never forgotten TVP | Reviewer: TVP fan
    ------ About the song Never Let You Down performed by The Verve Pipe

Love, Love, Love this song. I loved the Verve Pipe since the early 90's. But underneath was has been my favorite record so far. What I didn't realize is most of the songs were written by the drummer. I want more songs, more like underneath.

Great song! | Reviewer: Maggy
    ------ About the song Colorful performed by The Verve Pipe

I actually had heard it long time ago when I watched Rock Star and fell in love right away. Until recently I got the chance to listen to it again, and just totally love it. So simple but beautiful song. Great work.

Stupid people... | Reviewer: Virginia
    ------ About the song freshmen performed by The Verve Pipe

This song is about abortion one of the lyrics is stob a baby's breath the could only mean one thing either he's singing about her having a child and killing it or her having an abortion. It's easy logic. And abortion is stupid it kills bathe fetus that's inside of you. Stop with the abort of children if you have a baby inside of you. You have a baby. If I ever have a kid at a young age I doubt it but that's not the point. The point is if I do I would keep it. Or give it up for adoption not kill it. So stop saying is okay because it's not.

So so so great! | Reviewer: Emelie
    ------ About the song Colorful performed by The Verve Pipe

This song is so clean and simple, yet so fantastic! It should definitely be more popular! It's too bad so many people only associates it with the movie "Rockstar", which by the way is an awesome movie, but since it's so great on it's own, I wish it would have made it all the way by itself. It's uncertain if it ever will reach the greatness that it deserves. Anyway, love this tune and will never get tired of listening to it, it's one of those rare tracks you can replay over and over, without it losing it's greatness.

Guh. Perspective. Aspects. That stuff. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song freshmen performed by The Verve Pipe

Well personally I grew tired of the whole abortion idea, even if it is quite likely true.
(Oh and, it makes the song a great tool for critique on our social structures, ultimately it should really be the pregnant someone's choice, would take a real douché to tell someone to live their life this way even if that isn't a life to them... I had to, too many arrogant people around.)

The whole "babies breath" part which I assume is where the abortion idea comes from is also a flower common on weddings. Shoe full of rice I guess most got but, it's about weddings, throwing rice, all that.
Hence; "Stop a 'babies breath' and a 'shoe full of rice' would translate into; Run the hell away from the wedding.
Personally I also choose to view wedding symbolically as commitment and not neccessarily a wedding.
So; Run the hell away from her when she needs you and you're meant to be there.

Now secondly, the best friend's girl "taking a week's worth of valium (overdosing, lethal proportions) and slept (died)" makes little sense in the given context. Why would she?
Along with the whole concept of the friend and narrative I sharing their sin, I'd say it's a fair guess it's the same girl. Whether she was with both at the same time or they each failed her one after another, no clue, and perhaps there is no poetic value to that knowledge.

The song ends up being about the mistakes and regrets of when we knew less. And hey, that goes for all ages, no one is omnipotent right?
(please don't say "God is" without thinking it through. If a god is omnipotent and almighty, he is also a sadistic f*ck)

Personally, I once got one of those little innocent notes followed by a "committed suicide" announcement and the "It's my fault" thoughts. Well, as for me, this song is the perfect defense.
She fell in love, I shouldn't be held responsible for that. Nevermind the borderline insanity and how far it went.
Than still, that's never the case, we always find some tragedy to feel guilty about.
Whereafter we put too much stock in a stranger's word once sung.

Anyhow. Great song. I bet it can mean a dozen different things. Staying on my favorites playlist.

I lost my friend | Reviewer: Hannah
    ------ About the song the freshmen performed by The Verve Pipe

Last December, a friend of mine was drunk and got killed on the highway, during the video yearbook last year, they played this song to his dedication with pictures and videos, I forgot how much I loved this song. I miss him so much </3

The Freshmen by The Verve Pipe | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song the freshmen performed by The Verve Pipe

This is a beautiful, poignant song about loss and regret. Loss is a pain that can age and ferment, turning into a bitter wine when we think of all that could have been, and how we could have done something different to prevent it. Regret is loss with the perspective of time. It does not mellow.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song the freshmen performed by The Verve Pipe

Coming from a kid who just began his freshman year, this is am amazing. All around me I see girls getting pregnant and dads who don't care. Its a depressing fact about our world that too many people overlook, and I thank the Verve Pipe for making this amazing song with an amazingly touching message.

life is colourful so is the song | Reviewer: Puskal`
    ------ About the song Colorful performed by The Verve Pipe

This song i have been searching for a long time since i heart it in Shawn Miachels fare well .And finally in the movie rockstar...i am gonna sing this song in evey event i can....coz i know i can be colourful...and you will love me either way

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