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FORMED: 1989, Wigan, Lancashire, England
DISBANDED: April 28, 1999

The Verve, from Wigan in Lancashire, were formed in 1990.
The band's line-up was originally Richard Ashcroft (vocals,
guitar), Nick McCabe (guitar), Simon Jones (bass) and Peter
Salisbury (drums). In 1995, after the band broke up for the
first time, Simon Tong (guitar, keyboards) joined Richard
Ashcroft's group. In fact, orignally, Tong taught Jones and
Ashcroft how to play guitar.
Richard, Simon and Pete knew each other from Upholland High
School and recruited Nick More...

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Review about The Verve songs
Love this song. | Reviewer: Lisa
    ------ About the song Lucky Man performed by The Verve

This song is amazing, I still think their best song is bitter sweet symphony. Richard Ashcroft is an amazing song writer. The verve actually played their first gig in my local pub, the honeysuckle in wigan :)

such a meaningful song... | Reviewer: annonimus
    ------ About the song The Drugs Don't Work performed by The Verve

The main meaning of this song is because the many drugs that DoD not work when his father died... He sang this to him hence the lyrics "and if you want a show, just let me know and I'll sing in your ear again

I can relate to this song also because I used to be a heroin addict, I nearly lost my life and It just goes to show that the "drugs don't work, they just make you worse"...,my family nearly never saw me again when I overdosed for the second time. I am now 3 years clean and have a good life... When I hear this song it does remind me of my bad times but keeps me strong..... I remember what I was and what I had in comparison to now... No comparison really...

the efing truth | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bitter Sweet Symphony performed by The Verve

this song only samples the rolling stones "last time" but greedy alan klein gets the royalties. BTW, Jagger-Richards "borrowed" the song from a 50's gospel group anyway and they didnt write it.

Feverish depression | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lucky Man performed by The Verve

'Lucky Man' is a plea to his wife Kate to understand that his depression, like a fever comes and goes; like a fever 'it's just a change in me' where his mind loses its freedom, it's liberty as it progressively grows depressive so becomes hostage to this sickness.

Everytime he turns out of his feverish depression he learns that it won't be permanent ,,, but this rational thinking can't be done whilst in the grip of a depressive bout as he loses is minds liberty to think rationally. So he asks himself 'how many corners do I have to turn' , from darkness to light, and 'how many times do I have to learn ' that it's irrational feeling bcoz he has ' the fire in my hand' ( Prometheus gift of fire to man - happiness ) which is a love that never dies.

But he let's her know that he's a lucky man bcoz her love for him is one that never dies despite his depression which is no fault of hers bcoz as he explains ' it's just a change in me '.

Indonesian voice | Reviewer: Johan siahaan
    ------ About the song Bitter Sweet Symphony performed by The Verve

Thanks VERVE, you made it
sensational song for emotional life
this song is everybody soundtrack,
in my country there so many money-slaves
what a f**king corruptor around us in here, may be they be healed

got to listen to | Reviewer: perparim
    ------ About the song Bitter Sweet Symphony performed by The Verve

thats my favorite song so far, i thing thats gonna be my favorite one through my whole life, life is all it tells about. thats what what is for, slave to the manoe than you die

wow | Reviewer: sue lew
    ------ About the song The Drugs Don't Work performed by The Verve

I heard this was about the viscious drugs used against cancer not working. My beautiful husband died aged 49 of just that and the drugs didn't work, nor did the surgery. But I managed to sing in his ear and tell him how loved he if he needed telling! Nice one Verve. x

What a beautiful song | Reviewer: Anando
    ------ About the song Lucky Man performed by The Verve

I dont see how its difficult to interpret such a simple song.

"its a change in me , something in my liberty"

Happiness is something that you can feel without others bestowing it on you unrelated to external conditions and that is one's liberty.

Lovely lyrics however very difficult to follow , humans will remain humans and desire remains pertenant.

It's just a change in me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lucky Man performed by The Verve

nothing to do with a relationship, kids.

More or less
It's just a change in me"

it's all about outlook and how some people feel the need to rank themselves against others. it's internal. 'jealousy hurts.' that kind of stuff.

"Smiling, I feel no disgrace
With who I am"

see... crystal clear. no sappy i love my wife/girlfriend crap here. just self awareness.

'music is a mirror'... true, but whenever you ask someone for an interpretation what else would you expect?

i hope you understand

The real means | Reviewer: No one! Just pretent to be someone!
    ------ About the song Lucky Man performed by The Verve

Please... Some interpretations have absolutely no sense! I foot wanna punch your feelings but, if you really wanna know the thrue INTERPRETATION, the right think is ask him... Sad, but it's thrue!

I aggre whit that guy how said the music is a mirror... Everyone see what wanna see!

Thanks for think about it and please, forgive my primary abilites in english... I'm from brazil...

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