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Meet the Wanted - five hot lads with smooth dance moves and
voices that will make you swoon! Formed through a mass
audition, the fabulous fivesome were hand picked by
producers Steve Mac, Guy Chambers and Taio Cruz - music
industry heavyweights who have worked with the likes of
Susan Boyle, Robbie Williams, McFly and the Saturdays. The
Wanted's first single, 'All Time Low' debuted at number one
in the UK, quickly winning the hearts of fans worldwide!

Complete with gorgeous glossy pics, this unofficial
biography gives fans a first More...

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Review about The Wanted songs
We own the night - The Wanted | Reviewer: Jessica Vinkle
    ------ About the song We Own The Night performed by The Wanted

I love the wanted to death. Really big fan. And i think that this song is amazing i love it , and they're all so good at it , amazing !!!!!!! So yeah , that's what i think of this song !!! <3 :D

03/28/2013 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lady Lady performed by The Wanted

Chorus: Lady Ladyyy Please come and party,
Dont be lazy, lady ladyyy, -time is tickin, on on and on, your in the house not coming out, you ask if i need to RSVP, i say yeah but its up to my -beguining-

*Chorus Will Only Be Released*

Lovely song but.... | Reviewer: taly
    ------ About the song I Found You performed by The Wanted

Its a lovely song and i LOVE the wanted but did you ever notice that Jay didn't get not 1 solo unlike everyone else? I don't think many noticed but trust me i did. ^^ I hope they never forget Jay's solo in a song ever... unless he didn't want a solo then i am cool with that but if they just didn't give him one... what a shame. I still love them though, well adios!!!

WOW | Reviewer: Janelle
    ------ About the song I Found You performed by The Wanted

They said it was going to be different and yes, it was! Still EQUALLY AMAZING, AWESOME,EPIC,WONDERFUL LIKE ALL their other songs! Just WOW. I am, was and WILL ALWAYS BE part of the TWFANMILY!

Wrong lyrics (different members singing) | Reviewer: Jen
    ------ About the song I Found You performed by The Wanted

The verse that starts with "She moves us where the rumour..." is also sung by Nathan and not by Tom, and has incorrect lyrics.
The verse that starts with "I know she feels the same..." is sung by Siva, not Nathan.
Also, I think the line "Just when I give her none..." actually goes like this: "Just when I'd given up..."

Amazing! | Reviewer: Arely
    ------ About the song I Found You performed by The Wanted

Wow! They said to expect the unexpected, and boy where they right! This song is really different from what they usually do, but it is so in a good way. It's dance, retro and those vocals! Why I love this song (other than the catchy melody and basically everything else) is because it showcases what The Wanted can do. It shows that they are TRULY talented, and are not afraid to change it up. Excellent one boys, and keep them coming!

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