Tokio Hotel Lyrics

TOKIO HOTEL are Bill Kaulitz (vocals) & Tom Kaulitz
(guitar), Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schafer (drums),
and their story reads like the script for a blockbuster

‘… A band from a town in East Germany become the biggest
stars of the past 20 years in their native country,
charting records at No. 1, playing to ten or twenty
thousand each night and being feted with every German
industry award. Before long, the four musicians are
travelling farther afield, and demand is growing fast – not
just from an increasingly manic More...

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Reviews about Tokio Hotel songs

this song | Reviewer: ceren
    ------ About the song Zoom Into Me performed by Tokio Hotel

when I heard this song I wanna cry everytime. I think it is really emotional and it represents a kind of deep misery. And his voice is perfect and so suitable for this song I love Bill Kaulitz and his voice

Angelface-GT | Reviewer: GT
    ------ About the song Monsoon performed by Tokio Hotel

A special gal called Angelface introduce me to this song, and I listened to it for a few times and It stuck in my head just like she did :). Everytime I hear this song I think of her, and everytime I think of her(which is all the time), this song plays in my head. Thanx for coming in my life and making me feel like I the girl with all the special qualities I princess-GT

Scream | Reviewer: S.L.Andersen
    ------ About the song Scream performed by Tokio Hotel

This song is how i feel about school, home, and work. I'm always alone and it dont bother me unless i have to be with people. It is so meaningful too.



love the song | Reviewer: abbey
    ------ About the song 1000 Oceans performed by Tokio Hotel

i love this song...this is my bf and my song and it means a lot to us because we live pretty far away from eachother and we come from rival high in order to stay together we hav to fight for it...and every second im with him reminds me even more how much that fight was worth it<3

don't jump | Reviewer: charityloveskittlez- on
    ------ About the song Don't Jump performed by Tokio Hotel

This song (you would normally think) yells suicide. But to me that's not the case. I think its about a person going through really hard times. This person doesn't realize all the things he/she has.This persons conscience is trying to tell him/her that he/she doesn't need to lose her/him self and all the things that are there to help. The conscience is telling the person that he/she should calm down and think before reacting. If this person doesn't heed its word then it will lose everything he/she has ever gained in life.

Liebe Tom Kaulitz! | Reviewer: Jessica Liebe Tom Kaulitz
    ------ About the song Reden performed by Tokio Hotel

Omg this song is about Tom's one night stand with a fan. Warning chick fans don't get too close to Tom Kaulitz he might just get into your jeans! But ich liebe Tom Kaulitz even though his a player und ich liebe Tokio Hotel!!!!!!

I love Tokio Hotel!! | Reviewer: yael
    ------ About the song Monsoon performed by Tokio Hotel

This song is so gd i love it so much, Tokio Hotel is so amazing, n da other song that i love so much is rescue me, when i hear them is like respresent me feelings, n dats all :P n i am from chile (Y)

AWESOME SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ready, Set, Go! performed by Tokio Hotel

this song is amazing.
it just as great lyrics.
and it as so much meaning.
the lyrics are like what my life has been like lately.
and its helping me get over any pain in my life.
love yeaaas tokio hotel!

schrei | Reviewer: krystal
    ------ About the song Schrei performed by Tokio Hotel

Me and my friends are the BIGGEST NUMBER 1 FANS of tokio hotel this song makes me know no matter what its goin to be okay all you have to do SCHREI

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