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Toni Braxton was born the oldest of five chldren in familly of minister on October 7, 1967 in Severen, Maryland. Because her parents were very religious, Toni grew up singing in the choir at her father's church. She was not allowed to were pants untill high school and forbidden to listen to secular music or watch shows such as Soul Train. Although she was forbidden to listen to secular music. Toni's fondest memories are of "sneaking to watch Soul Train whenever my parents weren't around. " It was these glimpses of secular music that influenced Toni's singing style. It also influenced her skills as a pianist and song writer. Toni graduated from Gien Burnie High School and went on to study teaching at Bowie State University before embarking on her musical career.

Toni made her professional music debut in 1992, on the Boomerang soundtrack. Her comtribution was entitled "Give U My Heart", a duet with producer/recording artiet Babyface. The songs' multi-platinum succes was the start of a chart-topping career. Toni's self-topping debut album has won three Grammi Awards, three American Awards, three American music Awards and two Soul Train Awards. Her debut album "Toni Braxton" also contained two #1 Gold singles,and was platinum 9 times.

At the beginning of 1995 after a hectic schedue of appearances and performances,Toni began work on her sophomotore album.Her best turneted out to be "Secrets", an album that allows the listener the opportunity to witmess Toni in an array of musical moods and settings. Babyface's "There's No Me without You" one of her personal favorites, has a simple, plaintive acoustic feel. "Why should I Care" has an old school '70' s flavor, while R.Kelly's "I Don't Want To" offers a broody lyrical response to Toni's 1994 hit, "Just Another Sad Love Song".

Confirmation that her first album was just the beginning of what promises to be a long-term carrer filled with accomplishment, "Secrets" is a glowing testament to Toni Braxton's status as one of the decade's most vibrant,exciting, soul deep, straight from the heart young artists.

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toni braxton is my Inspirational | Reviewer: esther __sassy | 3/21/13

I love toni so much I just wish to meet her someday, she is the best in everything she does. I wish her all the happiness in the world with her sons and a long long long long life to live.xox

Stay strong Toni you are loved!!!!!! | Reviewer: Romanita Harris | 11/19/12

Hello Ms.Toni you are an remarkable lady. I'm an huge fan of yours, I admire your strength. Stay focus Toni! You have beautiful children and a lovely family! God favors you Toni! One day I pray I get to meet you. Love you and our entire family.

lovin toni | Reviewer: blessing banyatsang | 11/4/12

I love toni braxton so much,her music is very real unlike some female artists like beyonce ,she is nt a fake nd shows dat she is nt part of de illuminati,I knw all ur songs nd I listen 2 dem alwys dy bring bck my mood,lik 2 sy kip up de gud work nd knw dat u loved,wish dat I cn mit u 1 on 1 some day nd tel u how much u inspire me nd a whole lot of ur fans,,,SWEET

Vocally HOT | Reviewer: Adetoyan Poetic | 6/9/12

Tony Braxton is blessed wth a SCINTILATINGLY SOOTHING yet 'HOT' voice. She is fond of making sweet sonorous sounds with single syllables.. Uwss & Ahhs
Toni Braxton is gifted with a voice that is delectably desired..
As it is, despite all her AMAZING vocal renditions I dont believe America has given her due respect to the extent she deserves.. vocal-wise.
I believe it's a clear sign that she should stick to gospel music & use her AMAZINGLY STRONG & SOOTHING voice to glorify God.

I love your music | Reviewer: Ige Oludele Emmanuel | 7/26/11

she came from good family and God gave her talent to be a great singer.Though,she started her carer from Church choir but she decided to go to secular music,where her stars open to the whole world.God will continue to strenghting her.


EXCEPT, that I am the biggest fan of Toni Braxton, I am also a lover to Toni, she have been in my heart since she came out in 1992, now 18 years after, I love Toni overall, She became a partof my life.....

To Toni ...,
An angel asked me "why are you sad?", thinking of you I answered "because I miss her", then I heard the angel giggle...I looked up and began to smile and said "oh, it's you!"
God gave us two ears to hear, two eyes to see and two hands to hold. But why did God give us only one heart? Because he wants us to find the other one.

Toni, Think about my words and you can always write back to my email..

keep u in my preys | Reviewer: shybyme | 10/7/10

Toni braxton is one of my favorite female artist i love her all her songs i were at the Florida music conference in Jacksonville FLa and Toni Braxton were a guest speaker I want to say something to u Toni I prey for u and u family when u had that heart problem and to let u know u will be in my preys tonight.

Admiring | Reviewer: eedris | 11/17/09

i am a verry big fan of T-brxton and i get so much carry away each time i listen to the you mean the world to me.i just want to tell you that i i love every thing about your music.kip it up T-Brxt,God is on your side.

i knew her when.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/09

I was one of Toni's good friends in school. By the way, it is Glen Burnie Sr. High in Maryland of the same town. If you are reading this, Toni, take a look at your yearbook and see B.L. You have the ability to find me. My mom talks about your days at Bowie often. Hope you get and stay on the right track. Say hi if you ever make it to one of my tourneys.

about ur music | Reviewer: mohammed | 6/8/09

tony braxton i love ur music murther enything am playing ur music day n night my advice to u is pls. we r expecting 2009 album to be play with kenny g. becouce kenny g. can make 2009 album sell better than your last album. stay cool and bless.

yall spelled my school name wrong | Reviewer: darien | 4/19/09

my name is Darien and I go to the same high school that toni braxton went to, and I am a fresh man graduating with the 2012 class and this message is for the makers of this website the correct spelling of me and Toni's high school is "Glen Burnie" not "Gien Burnie" please make that adjustment thanx ... go gophers red and white all day

Encouraging and Advising Toni | Reviewer: Bryan | 11/3/08

Was so happy to learn that you signed with Atlantic Records.Now you got to get your act together and focus on your music.I was so annoyed seeing Libra underperform despite how great the album was.Your kind of music lives 4ever and with proper promotion we should expect your 2009 album sell better than SECRETS

love the music | Reviewer: Odunsi Oluwasegun | 10/2/08

sweet toni,
i don't know where to start from cos everything about is just too much and too hot, i found her voice very attractive and good listening to. i love every bit of her songs like spanish guitar let it flow and every other ones...... darlin keep up the good work i love u.....Life is fun listening to ur music remain blessed...

Is she reslly the best? | Reviewer: Lennon Emmanuel | 5/28/08

Not trying to take anything away from Braxton, I very much respect her career achivements and how she conducts her personal life. The question that I have is that is she really good as we are made to believe by the highly commercialised corporate media in your country? I've listened to her songs with the exception of a few (Breathe Again & The Time Of Our Lives, to mention some) her music is just typical 'overmarketed mediocre music'. What you guys in the States have learned to do is to make high quality crap that you glamourise and you force it down upon us here in the third world countries because we are fascinated by your way of life. Just to prove my point take examples of R.Kelly (from TP3) and Lil Wayne. Toni has got great potential to make great music. She needs to go back to Breathe Again and retrace her footstep from there.

Wonderful singer!!!! | Reviewer: Brianna | 5/25/08

Toni Braxton is honestly one of the best r&b singers of all time!! She deserves way more credit than she gets. I love all of her songs. She is so amazing and I love her voice. Unlike a lot of female singers, she sings about real things.

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