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Sepultura Tsunami Lyrics

Last updated: 11/01/2013 06:21:55 AM

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The wrath rages on with no discrimination of wealth
Seeking to create destruction
Whoever stands in the way

A force to deal with it
One and all will fall beneath
There's no good reason for ourselves
Death is calling out

All out!
Ripping apart!
All out!
All is dark!

Fate is lashing out
Forgiving all your sins
Released unto all
Let the healing begin

God save me now
A fury is breaking free
A force to be dealt with
One and all will fall

Many run to look for shelter and realize it can't exist
It has only one mission
To wipe all that's in the way

It's a tsunami!
All out!
Ripping apart!
All out!
All is dark!

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