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Four years have passed since Unkle's debut album 'Psyence
Fiction', one of the nineties more controversial releases.
Full of ambition and vision, self indulgent but ahead of
its time, who else but James Lavelle could attract such a
stellar cast that included producer DJ Shadow, Richard
Ashcroft - at the height of the Verve's fame - and Mike D
of the Beastie Boys. The album's highlights featured Thom
Yorke's haunting 'Rabbit In Your Headlights' and, a then
unknown, Badly Drawn Boy's carthartic 'Nursery Rhyme'. Wil More...

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Review about UNKLE songs
hell yeah | Reviewer: rob
    ------ About the song In A State performed by UNKLE

dj sasha remix of it stuck in my mind when I did xtc for the first time and I wasnt able to find the song for 8 long years almost to the point of not being able to hum it or remember how it sounded...you tube got me my goose bumps back.

heaven in music | Reviewer: Tamas
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by UNKLE

I have just heard this track once, and then 25x more... not able to stop listening.

It took me so deep into a feeling which cannot come easily these days, something like rising up above this paranoid world.

I don't know when was it recorded and how, but I don't care. It is amazing sound.

indeed | Reviewer: lies
    ------ About the song What Are You To Me performed by UNKLE

Your eyes Lye. Lying your eyes do. Lying your ears and nose. Lying your touch. Lies from everywhere. What is the Lying Self to the True me? Don't let the fear overtake you and leave you trapped in indecision. Learn to listen to the intuitive self

Lame. | Reviewer: LoLoKoKoDeeMeno
    ------ About the song What Are You To Me performed by UNKLE

I think this is the damn song my retarded friend keeps talking about. and how it made him think and blah blah and how he played it over and over and over again. talk about bullshit over-histrionical crap.. ur getting on my nerves YOU KNOW WHO. i hope u read this. stop being so damn gay and open up your mouth if you have something to say.
Okay. Im done.

good s**t | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Reign performed by UNKLE

title pretty much sums it, and if u live in australia u may have noticed this is the song on the new a-league ad

in love with this song | Reviewer: the forester
    ------ About the song In A State performed by UNKLE

A cover of this song was used as the soundtrack for a Google Video about American Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger, Jr. who parachuted from Excelsior III balloon gondola in 1960 -- at an altitude of 102,800 feet! He is considered the first human being in space.

Both the tone and the lyrics of this song provide a fitting emotion for footage of this amazing feat. Since first seeing this video a week ago, this song has been stuck in my mind.

Thank you for presenting accurate lyrics. I tried three other websites before this one -- each of them had nonsensical words and garbled meanings. Very glad I found this site.

What are you to me | Reviewer: Dem
    ------ About the song What Are You To Me performed by UNKLE

Inside my eyes
the answer lies
something i can't see
another day
another way
it's all the same to me

So true. | Reviewer: Martin Cartwright
    ------ About the song Inside performed by UNKLE

The lyrics here are just astonding, to write in this manner takes alot of amitting to one self, i'm sure, if you are feeling like what the song suggests, believe me, you'll listen to it again and again, i have just, 5 in a row, brilliant!!! it help!

In a State | Reviewer: Jayes
    ------ About the song In A State performed by UNKLE

Excellent job for such a powerful song only that 'Cuz should be 'Cos both words are as a slang and short for because, I've seen writers use it in this way.

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