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The initial premise of Ultravox came from the 70s school of
electro-rock from pioneers Kraftwerk and the glam rock of
Brian Eno and Roxy Music. Formed in 1974, initially as
Tiger Lily, the early line-up comprised Royal College Of
Art student John Foxx (b. Dennis Leigh, Chorley,
Lancashire, England; vocals), Steve Shears (guitar), Warren
Cann (b. 20 May 1952, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada;
drums), Chris Cross (b. Christopher Allen, 14 July 1952,
London, England; bass) and Billy Currie (b. William Lee
Currie, 1 April 1950, More...

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Review about Ultravox songs
Correction: "blocked" not "blunked" | Reviewer: Fiona
    ------ About the song Artificial Life performed by Ultravox

The correct lyric is:"blocked on booze, she talks like a newsreel"

A brilliant track, as are the rest on this album. Great rock, great lyrics. This original incarnation of Ultravox! is not to be confused with the later chart-topping synth-dirge meisters of 'Vienna' fame. By 1980, Billy Currie wanted to make a few bob rather than schlepping round the gig circuit and staying at the cult level they had achieved up to that point, so, when founder and multi-talented lead singer John Foxx left, Currie saw his opportunity to finally make some money. He brought in Scottish 'singer' Midge Ure, formerly of manufactured boy band Slik (a Bay City Roller-type group) and later of The Rich Kids, Glen Matlock's cleaned-up, respectable version of a punk band, again put together for financial rather than artistic purposes. Midge Ure had little creative input in any band he had been involved with, and things didn't change much when he joined Ultravox, who had decided to drop the ! , considering it too arty and obscure for their intended audience. If you like 'Vienna', then I wouldn't recommend 'Ha! Ha! Ha!'. But if you like original, highly-energetic rock mixed with some prototype John Foxx synth-based tracks, then I would.

Clear as Crystal | Reviewer: skeezix6
    ------ About the song Reap the Wild Wind performed by Ultravox

I was lucky enough to listen to a radio station that played songs like Reap The Wild Wind. First time I heard it, it blew my mind to pieces. This was a time when major rock bands were just starting to experiment with synths. It was ecstafying. And it'd be just perfect for a Clariton commercial.

Masterpiece! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Vienna performed by Ultravox

A timeless classic. Operatic in performance, perfection in execution. What more can be said about Midge Ure's vocalistic excellence in what can only be described as one of the 80's signature melodies. Hang your head in shame Joe Dolce!

fan | Reviewer: tony gomez
    ------ About the song Stranger Within performed by Ultravox

this song is particularly memorable and haunting,not the typical poppy syth type of music most popular with u-vox fans but truly a standout !

fantastic | Reviewer: diana
    ------ About the song Vienna performed by Ultravox

I absolutely agree with you Anon. I felt the same way you described when i first heard this years ago, & still feel it whenever i listen. This song is a masterpeice.

I Remember(Death in the Afternoon) | Reviewer: Roy Barnes
    ------ About the song I Remember (Death in the Afternoon) performed by Ultravox

A wonderfull,Dark and Haunting song.Although slightly repetitive the song is pure and simple enough to keep the sombre mood of what the song is about.I Remember(Death in the Afternoon)

excellent | Reviewer: bob
    ------ About the song Vienna performed by Ultravox

this song is the best ever!

surprised | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Vienna performed by Ultravox

I'v just been introduced to this song. There was a shiver down my spine when I first heard the chorus. absolutely amaizing vocals and very good lyrics. I'd say it is one of the best -genuinely- songs i've ever heard! And i'm not a fan of ultravox

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