Umphrey's McGee Lyrics

Every day more and more people are tuning in and turning on
to Umphrey’s McGee. And for good reason. Like true sons of
the American Midwest, Umphrey's McGee has risen to the
upper echelons of the improvisational-rock scene through
their seamless compositing of diverse musical influences,
from progressive-rock to metal to funk to folk to
jazz-fusion to classic song-based rock-and roll, all woven
together with infectious melodies, thought-provoking
lyrics, pristine harmonies, blistering musicianship, and
rollicking grooves that keep More...

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Review about Umphrey's McGee songs

One of the best UM songs ever written! | Reviewer: Stan from Greenville SC
    ------ About the song Turn & Run performed by Umphrey's McGee

To clarify, I can't think of any Umphree's McGee song I do not like, but this one ranks in my top 5. The lyrics leave plenty of room for inagination. "Blissful fall the winds that whip the tide, Your will is always chased away each time". Now that is a beautiful line. The reference to navigation, lightning, nets, tides, air and holding tight... these all remind me of sailing. "Releasing from from a grip that's held too tight, There's no other way to open up what's right.The more we try to stay same, the more we lie." Again another thought provolking phrase. The music is awesome, but when you have meaningful lyrics, it is all the better. This song could mean many things to many people. To me, this song is about taking stock of your life, letting go of what is bad and never looking back with regret. Navigate and move on.. a REAL life lesson. To top it all off is the mind blowing guitar solo at the end of the song. This tune simply never gets old and I am inspired with each listen. Love it!

every song, exceptional | Reviewer: UM is amazing
    ------ About the song Plunger performed by Umphrey's McGee

my first UM show was at Summer Camp 2010, where they played 6 sets.

I tell you, MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING. They know how to JAM! explosive vocals, screaming guitars, slappin bass, great drum solos, incredible light shows. everything about this band live is PERFECT!
and this is all amplified times like 10 when you dose yourself crazy on LSD.
but even without drugs, this band is a must see.

cant wait for summerfest!

canopy club | Reviewer: ian whitworth
    ------ About the song Hajimemashite performed by Umphrey's McGee

9/14/07 canopy club urban il
hajimemashite to bridgeless for the encore. live music. emotionaly engaging. that's what haji was on this night. you feel the guitar buildup. you feel the vocal buildup. look i know um fans are passionate about every um show but for the um newcomer, this one is a real gem. my fav simply for wizard and haji. ian

Incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Plunger performed by Umphrey's McGee

This band is incredible, and this song is ridiculous!!!!

go see them live if you never have

Oh Yeah ANDY! | Reviewer: scoontar
    ------ About the song Andy's Last Beer performed by Umphrey's McGee

My last beer ever. The coolest next to White Man's Mocassins.

I love umphreys | Reviewer: British Ben
    ------ About the song Plunger performed by Umphrey's McGee

This song kicks ass! I saw Umphreys live on Saturday Nov. 12, 2005 and they put on a decent show, and I think this song is awesome!

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