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Very rarely does a monumental record find itself matched
with the promise of commercial success. But the strength,
intensity and explosive lure of DEFINE THE GREAT
LINE-UNDEROATH's follow up to its over 350,000 selling 2004
breakthrough They're Only Chasing Safety--is undeniable.

"We went into the studio wanting to make this record
count," says guitarist TIM MCTAGUE. "We wanted to make it
life-changing for the people who heard it. We knew it had
the potential to do well, but we weren't basing our future
on that. We feel we've More...

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Review about Underoath songs
inspiration | Reviewer: allen
    ------ About the song To Whom It May Concern performed by Underoath

i love this song. i listen to it as motivation. right now im going through a tough time in my life and im depressed but everytime i get really down i listen to this song and i pick my head up and it drives me. underoath is pretty much the best band ever. and supposedly their going on tour w. slipknot soon...........

Grieving | Reviewer: iremember
    ------ About the song Writing On The Walls performed by Underoath

I think this song is about somebody's grieving of losing a loved one. and the pain knowing you'll never see them again. The struggles of people around you moving on and forgetting but you still talk to that person (in your mind) and wish you could take back the things you said to them and would have made it different. Faced with adversity you realize that we all walk alone, we are alone in our minds.( we walk alone) you still feel them inside and that you will remember them ( i still see your shadow but never your face again) and hoping to a god that someday you may see them again. ( i hope to god you come down)
and knowing in your heart that theres something higher than this existence and they will be waiting for you there. (I know there must be some way out of here
And all of them will be waiting there.)

Daniel Anyone? | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Writing On The Walls performed by Underoath

What I want to know if this song has anything to do with Daniel 5? In this passage of Scripture Daniel interprets writing by the hand of God on the wall to mean King Belshazzar's (King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar's kid) destruction and a take over of the Medes and Persians. Read the chapter yourself and tell me what you think.

Pretty epic | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Moment Suspended In Time performed by Underoath

This is one dramatic song. Not that I'm complaining! Dramatic music is the best in my opinion! It conveys so much emotion, feeling, and really helps in communicating the message. I think the song is about Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D), however, I believe the lyrics are purposely written to be able to carry multiple meanings. I see a call to repentance as well. I even see a man in the middle of a personal disaster. There are many interpretations.

Amazing | Reviewer: ~misguided ghost~
    ------ About the song Alone In December performed by Underoath

As i was looking through the music titles i saw this song and it caughty attention and as i began to listen to this song it reminded me of my father in the past he would amazing me and now he abandoned us a year ago i know I'm not supposed to have hatred toward him but listening to this song gave me hope he'll be back I'm not sure when but I'm hoping soon....anyways thanks for reading

Love story | Reviewer: Thomas
    ------ About the song It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door performed by Underoath

I understand how every one interprets this song like in a car crash and a man killing his girlfriend and stuff but i just see a heartbroken story aboute a guy lossing his girlfriend to another man because he maybe hit her (my nuckles have turned to white) but wanting her to be happy even with another man (now you can walk hand in hand with him - ive prayed for your safe place) and he is unable to get her back (drowning in my sleep) and hes remembering how they were so good together (the people will all gather to remember suck a day were the flames grew has high has trees and the world stoped for you and me) he never meant to hurt her (pain has never felt so brilliant i made sure you were buckled in)

Salvation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Moving For The Sake Of Motion performed by Underoath

What I felt inside:

Don't stop breathing the walls have just begun to spin Just let the water calm you this time It's all around you, just open your eyes and take a look It will never kill you; not this time

silly lil christian | Reviewer: the downer
    ------ About the song Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape performed by Underoath

love the song hate these comments..
laughed pretty hard...musicnotes "he's the unfaithful, ungraceful and unloving, and i will love him. :) and teach him."

the religious pushing themselves on others in the name of evangelism..keep pushing and one day he you will push him away..
(if hes lucky)

Shivers & memories | Reviewer: Sezzler Vaia
    ------ About the song To Whom It May Concern performed by Underoath

This song takes me to a place where I cant go unless I hear this tune. It is amazing & takes me back to a place where I felt happy. Reminds me of a person too & the place the song takes me, it goes deeper and deeper the more intoxicated I am.

Annoying fuckheads | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Reinventing Your Exit performed by Underoath

God you people are all fucking retarded opinions are like assholes every has one so just deal with it and shut the fuck up damn and there is diverse music so who gives a rats ass if it sounds christian or not

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