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*"zach and joseph moved to seattle with an unquenchable
thirst for rock, only to stumble upon a inconcievably tall
madman (erik) who shared the same desire. zach proceeded to
stab our newfound friend in the hand with a fork,
establishing a life-long commitment to make it up him. as
soon as we convinced our homie justin to discard all of his
worldly possessions and forfeit his social life in
bakersfield, ca, we happened upon sri-lankan refugee
playing slide guitar for spare change on broadway. his name
was mike. the rest is history."* More...

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Reviews about Vendetta Red songs

Shatterday | Reviewer: Haley
    ------ About the song Shatterday performed by Vendetta Red

Hi i am zacks(lead singer) 2nd cuzin, and I just wanted to say that I love this song not just because he is my cuz!!! If you liked the band Vendetta Red while srry but they broke up and Zack is now in the band Sirens Sister! Also try my other cuzins band Myndsick!!!

Vendetta Red: A masterpiece to be missed | Reviewer: Travis
    ------ About the song There Only Is performed by Vendetta Red

Vendetta red was the greatest thing to be graced into my life and I literally miss them every day!!!
I love you all::::
R.I.P Vendetta Red forever in my heart!

good | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Three Chord Valentine performed by Vendetta Red

this is one of my favorite songs by this band and i just want to say its good

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