Vex Red Lyrics

Terry Abbott - Vocals / Guitar
Keith Lambert - Bass / Programming
Ant Forbes - Guitar / Keyboards
Nick Goulding - Guitar / Bass
Ben Calvert - Drums

When Ross Robinson - the producer behind Slipknot, Korn, At
The Drive-In and Amen - phones you up in the middle of
watching a crap video you'd probably be a little surprised.
When the same producer flies over from America to see your
band rehearse, on the strength of one demo tape, before
promptly signing you to his Virgin records imprint label 'I
Am' - you'd probably be overwhelmed. More...

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Submit Vex Red New Lyrics

Reviews about Vex Red songs

Bully me | Reviewer: Whippy
    ------ About the song Bully Me performed by Vex Red

this is such a haunting song, really sad and emotional. the band had such a great a great way of putting feelings albeit meloncholy ones into their music. i have played the album so many times since 2002 and it's such a shame ross robinson didn't give them the oppotunity to release more great music.

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