Warrant Lyrics

ERIK TURNER—Rhythm Guitar

It's been more than a decade since Warrant erupted onto the
national scene in 1989, and a lot has happened since.
Grunge came and went. Rap-rock came and went. And now a new
breed of punk-laced, radio-friendly rock has flooded the
market faster than the dirty rotten filthy stinking rich
powers that be can even count their cash. Yes, the music
business has been through a lot in the past 13 years, but
at least we have something to show for it—The true spirit
of rock 'n' roll, as More...

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Review about Warrant songs
Just Sayin' | Reviewer: Rock Chick
    ------ About the song Uncle Tom's Cabin performed by Warrant

Just for the record, let's get the story straight... Jani didn't hate Cherry Pie. He just hated that they are most known for Cherry Pie. Their first single from that album is Cherry Pie, their first video from it is Cherry Pie, the album is Cherry Pie and he became, as he put it, "The Cherry Pie Guy". I hate he's not still here to rock us some more. Listen to the whole catalog of Warrant (the Jani years), and this song and so many others will make you bang your head or shed some tears. They are so much more than "Heaven" and "Cherry Pie". Great songs, yes, but they had so many others.

Title Track | Reviewer: TBOne
    ------ About the song Uncle Tom's Cabin performed by Warrant

Jani Lane hates Cherry Pie. The name of the album was Uncle Tom's Cabin. It was finished. BUT .. as Tom Petty sang "I don't hear a single." So, he sat down and wrote Cherry Pie. Next thing you know, the album is Cherry Pie, everything is Cherry Pie. That's so sad, considering this is an awesome song. They should have stood their ground and kept the album title - Uncle Tom's Cabin.

The Best 80's Band!!!!! Not A Failed group!!!! R.I.P. Jani!!!!! | Reviewer: Douglas Michalek
    ------ About the song Mr. Rainmaker performed by Warrant

I saw Warrant on the Cheery Pie tour and when they played they rocked the house for 2 + hours!!!!! Amazing for a band that only had 2 albums out at the time!!! I don't think any other band of the 80's/90's did any better or with more passion than Warrant!!! And forget Cheery Pie because it wasn't even on the second album until a record exec forced Jani Lane to write it before they could release the album that was originally called "Uncle Toms Cabin" The album would have stood the test of time without Cheery Pie and that song was why Jani ended his life way too early on accident!!!!

*THE* Most Underrated Song Ever | Reviewer: LSC
    ------ About the song Mr. Rainmaker performed by Warrant

Warrant is an incredible, underrated band, but this specific song by them just doesn't get enough credit.

It has an INCREDIBLE riff, beautiful lyrics, an emotional delivery by all musicians (but Jani Lane steals the show with his passionate voice)... it's definitely the highlight of the "Cherry Pie" album. It's just beautiful. (I also think that "Song and Dance Man" is extremely underrated. Definitely check it out or listen to it again if you haven't given it credit yet.)

heaven | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Warrant

i am 12 and was sad to find out jani lane died, even though it was a year after he died.i'm not their biggest fan that knows every song, but i know a lot and heaven and cherry pie i heard when i was little.i never did like it when people would associate a song with a dead person or someone they don't see much, no offense.i mean my dad died in 2010 but i don't associate every sad song with him.i can understant this with jani lane though.i'm not very emotional and don't cry much so i don't like it when a song i like turns into this song for sad people.i usually look at the good things or laugh it off.i hate music from today and my 6 year old sister likes it and 80's rock/metal that she gets from me and my 10 year old sister likes country,KISS,and jonas brothers.my friend likes new stuff and rap but i told her about cherry pie and she likes that song for what it's about which is wierd and i told her that my youngest sister sings i want action by poison and she likes that too.REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song is stuck in my head! | Reviewer: Old Man Lenny
    ------ About the song Uncle Tom's Cabin performed by Warrant

A few months ago I was introduced to SiriusXM when I bought a new Chevy.The salesman was demonstrating how to preset favorite stations and I said"let's set my nephews fave,Hair nation".And would'nt you know it,this was the song that was playing when we tuned in.Great combo of mellow and hard rockin'!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Cherry Pie performed by Warrant

sometimes when i ws little i would hear a song more than likely my dad was playing and it would get stuck in my head.this was one of them.i don't remember when i heard this but i hadn't heard it in probably 9 years but it was still stuck in my head.not today but sometime a couple months ago i looked up the lyrics and was surprised about what the lyrics were.soon after i heard it on the radio and it was on classic rock fest.now its on vh1 classics hard 100.now i am a little obsessed with it.i told my friend about it and the lyrics and she watched the lyrics video.i'm trying to get her to watch the actual music video.we're both 12 but she turns 13 in jan. and me in aug.she hates metal and rock but the only reason she likes this is because what its about.she also likes i want action by poison.my 6 yr. old sister sings both even though shes only heard me sing cherry pie.she loves c.c.my other sister hates rock and metal like my friend butshe likes a few songs.cherry pie was #57 on the hard 100.the girl in this video was also in great white's once bitten twice shy.one of the other songs i remember fromwhen i was little is breakin the law by judas priest.

military | Reviewer: Angela
    ------ About the song Uncle Tom's Cabin performed by Warrant

This song struck me right away as inspired by corruption. It came out while I was in the service. The vocals really capture the sick feeling of not being able to trust authorities. I only wish the song did not resonate with so many people. It. S timeless!

Love-hate-pain | Reviewer: ronnie
    ------ About the song The Bitter Pill performed by Warrant

There are relationships in life where you feel like you don't really know if you did good or else...
You can't take a step further, but when you do, you fall down over your knees, just in front of his/her feet.

Its only rock n roll | Reviewer: Roccopolo
    ------ About the song Down Boys performed by Warrant

Cool song, fun, party feeling song that brings back mememories. But the last thing it reminds me is pretenders, or Marbrothers, lol,, like, what a poser lol..I mean, The Police?LOL Its a cool rock song with cool lyrics with a chorus that doesn't really match the verses lyrically but does muSically. The down boys are the cool kids you looked up too.. Sting? Lol gtfo of here! Haha

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