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Warren William Zevon (January 24, 1947 – September 7, 2003)
was an American rock singer-songwriter and musician noted
for including his strange, sardonic opinions of life in his
musical lyrics, composing songs that were sometimes
humorous and often had political or historical themes.

Although his was a cult success, Zevon's work has often
been complimented by well-known musicians. His best-known
compositions include "Werewolves of London", "Lawyers, Guns
and Money", "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner" and
"Johnny Strikes Up The More...

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Review about Warren Zevon songs
Full moon | Reviewer: Gabriel
    ------ About the song Werewolves Of London performed by Warren Zevon

When I was a kid, I was camping in a derelict old mining village up in the hills with some friends. It was a full moon and for some reason, the radio station we were listening to played blue moon, then bad moon rising, then this...we got talking about werewolves andscared ourselves so bad none of uscould leave the tent till the suncame up. I wish kids today knew how to scare themselves.

Introduced to this one on HOUSE | Reviewer: shassy121
    ------ About the song Keep Me In Your Heart performed by Warren Zevon

Had to look this up, i too had never heard this awesome Zevon tune, but have requested that it be played at my funeral....not surprised to fall in love with it..first hearing it on "House).

my brother and sister-in-law | Reviewer: margaret
    ------ About the song Keep Me In Your Heart performed by Warren Zevon

My brother died almost a year ago and we are going this weekend to take his and his wife's ashes to their final resting place. He loved "House". They just played this song on the finale. I had never heard of this song but was looking for a fitting tribute. This is it!!

God Bless Warren Zevon | Reviewer: Paul
    ------ About the song Keep Me In Your Heart performed by Warren Zevon

My father died of lung cancer, not long after Mr. Zevon himself. We played this song at least 1,000 times that first year after my father's death. It is beautiful. I play it every time I want to remember him, and manage to let out a good cry everytime. Thank you Warren

The perfect song for US contretemps on foreign soil | Reviewer: Chris Harrison
    ------ About the song Lawyers, Guns And Money performed by Warren Zevon

The hardest part about dying is going to be choosing which songs are to be played at my funeral wake. Well rest assured, this one makes it. What better words to frame our screwed up relations with the third world. For my money this one makes the top 100 rock songs of all time.

He saw that heavenly light | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song) performed by Warren Zevon

What a great song, and story. I think it's a metaphor about how we can overcome our limitations if we persevere in the pursuing a goal. Sure, Buddy was a goon, a tough guy, but deep inside he was after something bigger and deeper than a few hundred fights.

martindu@pcom.edu | Reviewer: Martin Duggan
    ------ About the song Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner performed by Warren Zevon

His music was intelligent, insightful and hilarious. His characters, even the one and only "Roland" are somehow charming and interesting. I'm 22 now, and although my only childhood exposure to Warren Zevon was through my mom's homemade Halloween mix-tape, I was lucky enough to have college friends who grew up listening to him. I was so happy that his last performance on David Letterman was "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner." I think David knew the true man, and although his sentimental ballads are vastly under-rated, Warren will forever be remembered for his sense of humor and for his ability to be a good sport. But Warren, wherever you are, that friendly acceptance of your role as a semi-satyrical musician... The inventive and surprisingly compelling protagonists of your songs... The effortless music that accompanies your lyrics, that we don't seem to notice because were smiling about what you're saying... These things are what makes you the truly and uniquely great. Thank you for being a good sport about it. And rest in peace.

Breaks your heart-in a good way | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Keep Me In Your Heart performed by Warren Zevon

My mom loved the concept of the New Orleans jazz funeral,which features the "first line" which is somber music played for the procession to the cemetery and the "second line" which is joyous music afterward. My friend Jacqui stayed up the night before my mom's funeral burning CD's to play to and from the cemetery. That was the first time I ever heard this song, flying down the Southeast Expressway at 70 mph to the cemetery with Mom's ashes in the backseat. Cried my eyes out, but it was just the right song at the right time. God bless Warren Zevon.

For all of us | Reviewer: Jake
    ------ About the song Keep Me In Your Heart performed by Warren Zevon

The simplicity of the lyrics and the rotation of the melody line make this one of the most unforgettable songs recorded by this artist. Though seen by many as his "death song," others view it as the communal desire of us all to be remembered by those whom we love and who love us, whether we're leaving the planet, or the zip code. It's pretty human of us to want to feel connected to those who matter in our lives when we leave, either by choice or by circumstance. The poetic eloquence found in this work indicates the talent and sensitivity of one of the most underrecognized artists in American pop music; someone sorely missed.

warren zevon- thank you | Reviewer: stephen foote
    ------ About the song Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner performed by Warren Zevon

my father first introduced me to this song when i was seven. I don't understant why but this song is one of the biggest inspirations of my life. I always wanted to meet Warren Zevon so I asked my father how I could do that. My father told me if i could call the dead I would have a pretty good chance at getting hold of him. This disappointed me because I could never tell the man that has given me so much through music how I felt. I am 17 years old and live in Iowa. I know that sounds odd that a kid from Iowa says he appreciates the music of Warren Zevon. but it's true. iv heard good things about the man and would like to know more about his life.

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