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Lootpack Weededed Remix Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2014 08:17:14 AM

Feat. Rasco and Oh No

Back in the spot
Wild Child
My man is Soul Father Rascoe
Man, I don't know,
This fuck
Take you on another journey
From the left coast

For the mind, for the love
For 'em T's who don't have to smoke
Weed, you're number one
Bounce to this cut, we bound to erupt
Wild Child, Rascoe, and my man Disrupt
Treat 'em C's like weak, grab the bong
Step up and straight smoke 'em
While my fella men be tellin' 'em that
My adrenaline is more potent
Nobody could test another professor
While I'm rocking, things could get ugly
Open his mouth when he's not using his bong
And then fill it with puddy!
See, your definition of weed is not
My definition of weed
These days we progress to a higher state
Of manifest if we
All come together to see our pip mark grady
We cool?
Just to see through, your blood and mistake
Might come out that leap through
Your conscious state of being
Are you afraid of being so?
While me and the Cali cats
Enhance the art of MC-ing
Try and think! When your definition
Of weed defines the right weed
You weak MC's enhance father dank
We(ed)earth it and make swell while
You're left farther shooting the Glock
When you're smoking for the thought of rappin'
Difficult that couldn't cut
Or disrespecting Tenant, while Wild Child comes to destruct
Got my man Soul Father, Roscoe on the disrupt

Aye, what's up, aye, I heard you had a little
Writers block. You know what I'm saying?
I got something for that, cause I can get you high

I will smoke it up after this creep disruptor
Hell, lyrics and weed, laced with awesome nigga places
I gotta leave your mouth to bleed and spin the fould(?)
I smoke all this credit (???)
Lyrically enhanced, and mental naturally
Kill you like a cereal, the mash, y'all niggas must be criminal
Minerals swervin', windows fall and burnin'

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