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Human Sacrifice Club What Are Your Thoughts On Dynamite? Lyrics

Last updated: 09/07/2013 07:22:22 AM

You've still got time to conceal your zest
Apply your stealth, and I'll do the rest
I built a bomb and strapped it to my chest
And while you sleep, I'll be by your bed
pinpoint the threat and then paint it red
Turn off the lights we'll use our night vision
Drunk off teenage colloquialisms
We've got a tendency to self destruct
Did you get your fix? Wouldn't you agree?
Its a potent mix being young and free
Every pill is laced in empathy
I thought by now that you'd know the drill
I aim to please and I shoot to kill

Turn off the lights, retreat and get nearer
when it gets dark we tend to see clearer
We've got a tendency to fix ourselves up
For you I'd always take a hit
Let the sky fall down and wrap around us like a blanket
Have you not heard gravity is dead?
I'm jumping off bridges and landing in your bed

Make sure your act is well rehearsed
Cause' if we're still not making ground
I swear I'll turn this car around or worse
Apply your stealth and hold your tongue
You've still got time to retrace your steps
But turn around if your after proof,
Your in the wrong place if your looking for truth

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