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Nina When The Love Is Gone Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2013 05:12:30 AM

When the love is gone
Should life still be worth living
When all has lost it’s meaning
How do you make it thru

When the love is gone
How does the heart start over
When nothing left still matters
Confused what do I do

Is love a crazy game
When lost who is to blame
Looking back what were the chances
There were less hits than were misses
But back then we had each other
And love had conquered all

Now that love is gone
Can’t stop myself from asking
When did we stop believing
In a love that was true

[Refrain II:]
Is love a crazy game
When lost who is to blame
We had great love for each other
But we were young and knew no better
Thru the years love slowly faltered
And this time love didn’t conquer all

Memories of the past keep haunting me
Reminders of a love that used to be
Even when the heartache fades away
The emptiness and tears still find a reason to stay....

[Repeat Refrain II]

[Coda (Fade)]
Let go of the past
Some things don’t last
But life goes on
When the love is gone