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X Japan were one of the first visual bands in Japan and
also one of the most popular. They started in teh mid-80's
with the union of school friends Yoshiki (drums and piano)
and Toshi (lead vocals). After that the joined with a
couple other guys and formed the band X.

They released the two singles 'I'll kill you' and 'Orgasm'
and made it on two compilations albums with other Japanese
newcomer bands. At that time Pata (guitar) and Taiji (bass)
joined the band.

In 1988 they made their first album 'Vanishing Vision' and
hired a second More...

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Review about X-Japan songs
one of the best songs on earth... | Reviewer: Dr Isma
    ------ About the song Tears performed by X-Japan

This song always maks me sooo sad... ;_;
I really cryed when I heard it the first time.... long bevore Toshi swiched to englisch... at first I even didn't recognize that he wasn't singing japanese anymore...

Yoshikis Voice in the end is very hard to understand...
But after listening what he said it's clear fot whom he wrote the song... it's for his father who comidded suicide when Yoshiki was only ten years old...
he also said this in an Interview 3 Years after the release of the song....

A story about my broken life... | Reviewer: Kukhrolo kapfo
    ------ About the song Tears performed by X-Japan

Im just out of words right now..i mean its just like a reflecting picture of my life..
TEARS;-(...it touched my deepest buttom of my heart,the tunes are so melancholic and melodious..
It still haunt in my head, thank you X-Japan for your good song... ..

no more crying in the night | Reviewer: Dyan
    ------ About the song Tears performed by X-Japan

ah such a beautiful song...... half of it maybe in Japanese and I can barely understand Japanese but love hath no bounds nor boundaries. One just have to close ones eyes and listened with ones heart and one would understand that it speaks of the beauty of LOVE. Not just the longing and the pain that it can bring but also the hope and happiness that comes with it. Thanks to this song that I only heard tonight for the first time it made my beatless heart to flutter and start beating again..... dry your tears and don't give up on love.... no matter how painful it is Love is still beautiful.... tears and pain are the price that one must pay sometimes.... but its worth it.....I still believe in love because of this song that dried my tears. I now have the strength to face tomorrow with a smile and maybe just maybe start loving again ....

Soulful music | Reviewer: Tuan Link Trang
    ------ About the song Longing performed by X-Japan

X-Japan' melody is beyond imaginary. Although we're not japanese and sometimes lyric only carry a part of what the composer wanna say but the unique melody says it all... After all, the melody will last forever.

In defense of the piano solo and lyrics (no comparison here) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Art Of Life performed by X-Japan

Well a lot have already expressed major points about the song but someone forgot about the Piano Solo. If you listen to it the first time it does kind of seem off and would've probably "ruin" your listening experience, but really, the piano solo is actually the title of the song itself "Art of life." It starts of with a nice melody, gets messy as it progresses then becomes mellow with a sweet sad melody. Close your eyes and imagine your life from infancy with that piano solo.

Infancy->teenage years->adulthood->death

The song's about wanting to commit suicide then a revival of hope at the end that things will get better. I wouldn't say this song's lyrically the best or poetic, but as English isn't Yoshiki's first language, it's amazing he can pull this off. And when the lyrics do make sense, they are indeed poetic to the point you can paint the lyrics in your head (particularly the intro 3 minute portion)

OMG | Reviewer: Chrissy Okabe
    ------ About the song Art Of Life performed by X-Japan

This song is so good, regardless of the lyrics, it's still really good... It can't really be emo because emo didn't exist at this time.
Anyway, thank you Yoshiki for being so talented and having the ability to write such an amazing song. People across the globe are grateful <3

Best Acoustic Song | Reviewer: Togo
    ------ About the song Voiceless Screaming performed by X-Japan

best song from Taiji(RIP).Pata and Hide(RIP) play it with a great match..added with Taiji..Yoshiki's backup melody also play a role...and Toshi's vocal was so emotional...truly a 5 star song...a heartbreaker song..by X Japan

anonymous | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Tears performed by X-Japan

first i heard this song i dunno what it's mean ?? but when heard and heard until i got whats the mean of this song my heart so touching and can make me cry... thankz to x-japan ur music very nice and i lev ur voice also

Tears~by X JAPAN | Reviewer: Never stop
    ------ About the song Tears performed by X-Japan

I love this song.. When i'm listening that song.. I'm crying and crying..
I don't know why..
I think maybe i'm remember the people that i love... That i miss and whtevr..
By the way this song is very amazing and sadness
For the singer
Really nice voice and so cute face

Amazing Song,Reply To Mac | Reviewer: Zoe
    ------ About the song Art Of Life performed by X-Japan

amazing wonderful song the lyrics are amazing and heart filling,Mac i don't understand why you don't like the song maybe its because if you had half a mind to read int the lyrics on how wonderful they are or its because your a stupid gaga fan that doesn't know what real music is,Mac WE ARE X NOT EMOS

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