Yngwie Malmsteen Lyrics

Yngwie J. Malmsteen arrived on the scene in 1983 when he
emigrated to America from his native Sweden. Malmsteen
created a style - an ear-searing blend of metal bombast and
classical beauty that is one of the most immediately
recognizable of ALL guitarists. He elevated classical chops
to new heights, adding a definite European stamp both
dark-sounding and blindingly fast.

"I've been exposed to classical music since I was five
years old," says Yngwie, who was born in Stockholm on June
30, 1963. "My mother listened to Bach so much, More...

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Reviews about Yngwie Malmsteen songs

Confused - Uli Roth lyrics or Yngwie Malmsteen? | Reviewer: Chuck K
    ------ About the song The Sails Of Charon performed by Yngwie Malmsteen

Love both.....who wrote the original lyric for this song though? Online it looks like Malmsteen....but that makes no sense as he was like 16 or 17 when it was first done by the Scorpions. Did Uli Roth write these originally?

i want to learn how yngwie malmsteen play fast | Reviewer: ammar
    ------ About the song Rampante Fugue performed by Yngwie Malmsteen

first i wanna thank yngwie malmsteen for everything becuz of him i'll never love his music yea ... it means much 2 me i'm from baghdad i'm in 25 years and no one teach me how i play on the guitar or the important things for guitar i just listen to " Far beyond the sun & Bothers & Prelude to April..... " you know i can't play anything fast like him it's just count on my own limit fast yea and i hope find yngwie E-mail ( private ) and i hope he send 2 me a messages ....
thanks ammar from baghdad - iraq

This man blows me away | Reviewer: jenny
    ------ About the song Liar performed by Yngwie Malmsteen

I heard him from a live dvd live in leningrad and went out and bought 9 of his c.d.s the man is great on the guitar the solo in this song great one of my fave's but then i would say watch out i bought all the c.d.s and found he did the same songs over and over but hey i can not get tired of the guitar on any of theses albums so i listen to them want to see someone play a guitar you have to see him he sets a high standard.

Malmsteen version of classic Scorpions track | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Sails of Charon performed by Yngwie Malmsteen

Interesting remake of Scorpions classic song. Yngwie actually butchers Uli's original intro solo pretty badly. Like most of his stuff, the song just decays into mindless shredding. The original version is pretty much supeior in every way, proving what an overlooked and under-rated guitarist Uli Jon Roth is.

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