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Pronouced as "yo-thoo yin-dee", the band's name translates
from Yolngu matha to English as "child and mother" and is
essentially a kinship term referring to the connection that
the Yolngu (Australian Aboriginal) clans of north-eastern
Arnhem Land have between themselves.

Even in their earliest stares, Yothu Yindi were recognised
as a unique act. They combined the sounds and instruments
of western rock 'n' roll with songs and preformances that
date back tens of thousands of years.

Coming Together in 1986, yothu Yindi consists of both More...

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Review about Yothu Yindi songs
I Love Burgers | Reviewer: Damian King
    ------ About the song Treaty performed by Yothu Yindi

I love burgers because my mums dead and i am fat so i eat just to not remind myself that i am fat and i get more and more fat one day i just might burst.

An Assignment about this song with particular emphasis on their portrayal of Australian beliefs and values. | Reviewer: Oliver Friendship
    ------ About the song Treaty performed by Yothu Yindi

Yothu Yindi are one of the most famous Aboriginal bands there has ever been. They are so famous because their challenged the way we think about indigenous Australians. They highlighted there mistreatment by the white man and they were a voice for their people. There most well-known song is called ‘Treaty’ and is named after the treaty Captain Cook tricked them into signing. The purpose of this song is to raise awareness of how their land was stolen from them. Also this song conveys the beliefs and values of a modern day Australia as it tells the listener about how the Aboriginals want equality for all as well as freedom of speech. Those two qualities are what Australian society is built on.
Firstly, I bet your wondering how and why a song written and sung by an Aboriginal could convey equality for all. Well let me explain how by using extracts from the song to help me. There is a verse in the song that goes like this ‘Now two rivers run their course, separated for so long, I’m dreaming of a brighter day, when the waters will be one’. If you take this verse literally then it really makes no sense at all however if you interpret it as one river being the white man and one river being the Indigenous Australians the verse tells you that Yothu Yindi dream that all Australians will be equal. Also in the song there are some Aboriginal words being sung. This this widens Yothu Yindi’s audience as his music now caters for not only the white man but also his own people. This makes them equals in his eyes.
Secondly, this song includes another Australian belief, that everyone has the right to freedom of speech. This whole song proves that Australia is different to other countries because, in some countries if people were to write a song that state ‘All those talking politicians, Words are easy, words are cheap’ they would be in serious trouble with the law. However because Australia is still has a very democratic society songs like this one can be recorded and are allowed to challenge our thinking and are allowed to potentially start change.
To conclude, I believe that Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’ has portrayed the beliefs and values of all Australians as well as any Australian could have done. Their song epitomizes the Australian values of: Freedom of speech, equality for all and respect for democracy. And those values are some of the most important that any country could ever have.

Beautiful Native Song | Reviewer: teresa roberts
    ------ About the song Djapana (Sunset Dreaming) performed by Yothu Yindi

I lived in Roebourne W.A. for 2 yrs. I am from USA, Georgia. I am of Native American descent. I had the rare opportunity of living with and playing music with the Native Aboriginal people. I met some of the most talented musicians ther, I have ever known. Thanks to all of the Beaytiful people of Roebourne,W.A. for your kindness and acceptance... Teresa Roberts... Georgia, USA....

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