You Am I Lyrics

David Lane - guitar
Tim Rogers - guitar/vocals
Rusty Hopkinson - drums
Andy Kent - bass

'It's a new state of mind.'
- Ribbons and Bows

It's 2002 and this back the front world is calling old rock
new rock and bad rock good rock. Well forget the fads and
definitions for a moment and listen to 'Deliverance' the
greatest album by You Am I in a career of brilliant
records. Six albums into their collection and this
extraordinary band have found the confidence and grace to
realise their most accomplished moment.

It wasn't long ago More...

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Submit You Am I New Lyrics

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is that right? | Reviewer: vicki v
    ------ About the song Tuesday performed by You Am I

I've read a few differing versions of these lyrics. Is the line "And old Ryan's still his rust" corect???? I'm not sure it makes any sense, but who knows what goes on Tim's mind but himself. Anyone know any different, please feel free to let me know.Vicki

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