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R. Kelly You Saved Me Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 06:43:55 PM

True stories (what)
Miracles (what)
True blessings (what)
All because of love

True stories (what)
Miracles (what)
True blessings (what)
All because of love

I was riding in my car one day (oh)
In the express lane rolling down the freeway
And suddenly the phone rings
Then I reached down beside me
Then I looked on the floor felt on the back seat
See I was drinking while I was driving
Never thinking bout what I was doing
I turned around and before I knew it
Here comes this truck now
The doctor said I don’t think he’s gonna make it
Family said make the funeral arrangements
Unplug the machine he’s gone now
then told my wife to be strong now
then a small voice said on to me
if you promise to stop drinking
I surrendered on that day
And for 10 years I’ve been straight

You saved me(woah) You saved me.
You saved me, You saved me, gave me a second chance
You saved me, You saved me
You saved me, You saved me

Now I’ve been sitting in the chair
waiting on the phone to ring
Praying up to God that someone would call me with a job opening
Cause its been so hard for me month to month
Struggling to eat but still there was no answer(no answer)
I stopped believing in his word And got so mad at him
When somebody say Gods good I just laugh at them(oh yeah)
And in the nick of time his blessing rained on me
By his grace the phone ring a lady says were hiring
And that’s when I knew

You saved me(saved) You saved me.
You saved me, You saved me, gave me a second chance
You saved me, You saved me
You saved me, You saved me

Now I was 18 out on the block selling drugs
With a gun at my waist And for people had no love
See the streets was my home and family and friends were gone
Had no one to trust and deep inside I was all alone
And then a deal went bad one day and it was enough to pause me
I was shot 4 times and before I knew it I was on my knees
(Blood gushing out my body my hearts beatin fast
I don’t know what I’m a do I don’t think I’m gonna last)
Then I began to flash back on the pains I’ve done in my past
(Then I heard a small voice that said to me I’ll give you peace if u believe)
I accepted Christ that day hallelujah now I’m free

You saved me(saved) You saved me.
You saved me, You saved me, gave me a second chance
You saved me, You saved me (and i wanna thank, thank you thank you)
You saved me, You saved me

I was in the aisle of the grocery store
With a pain in my chest and I’m wondering where did it come from
(I got tested)and the results came back and the doctor said I’m sorry but you got cancer
I could not believe it so I called up my mama to calm my nerves
(mama)she got down on her knees (mama)she said a prayer for me
(mama) said just keep on thanking Jesus (mama)he’ll give you all you need (thank you jesus)
That was five years ago (thank you jesus) don’t have that pain no more (thank you jesus)
Doc says you can go home cause all your caners gone

You saved me(sad you saved me) You saved me.
You saved me, You saved me, gave me a second chance
You saved me, You saved me
You saved me, You saved me

when i was going left
you steered me right
was all the way down
you lift me up and down
and though you saw my thoughts
you "forgave me for my sins?"
i would call on you
i had nothin to loose
and so i tried you
and now i'm glad i did
cause you are the truth

i'm so thankful that
you looked down on me(looked down on me)
saw me standing there(hey)
i was at the end of my rope
with no where to go

i was down and out til you(you saved me)
i was doing drugs til you(you saved me)
i runnin the streets til you(you saved me)
never felt love til you(you saved me )

i gang bangin til you(you saved me)
wilding out til you(you saved me)
in my dying bed til you stepped in

repeat several times
you saved me(fades out)

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U saved me | Reviewer: Broda Daniel | 10/19/14

A wonderful n heart touching song, I love dis song lyrics. May de Lord Jesus use you more to win more souls unto His kingdom n may your own soul neva get lost as you surrender unto de master of de universe.

God's love | Reviewer: Peace | 4/8/14

I love this song,bcos it is touching.R.Kelly pls as you r singing surrender to Jesus totally.bcos it will be very bad for u to sing to God,but at the end of your life u find urself in the flames of eternal torment.This is serious bcos what God requires is the heart,and not really songs.I luv u

strength | Reviewer: abigail bhunu | 1/21/14

I love this song it gives me strength when I'm in a problem of which I can't solve and I will always give myself to God to help me and take me out of the issues I will always ask God with this song to forgive me my sins and sing this song with heart :Thanks to U R.Kelly

God's True Love | Reviewer: Gleniss De Souza | 4/17/13

I think the lyrics of this song is marvelous and can help to saved persons who are down this path.As the saying says "learn from others or others will learn from you" Believe R Kelly's testimony, choose Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and live. Have an experience of GOD'S TRUE LOVE for all.

I over love is song | Reviewer: Precious | 3/20/13

Supposing dia is another sweet name giving 2 luv...maaan i wud av used it...,dis song is an inspirational song...i must admit i luv listening 2 d song whenever am bored...,R.Kelly u are blessed..,may God continue 2 strenghten u...,and also giv u d power 2 over cum all d evil temptation so as 2 continue 2 save souls 4 God with more of dis inspirational songs.

I luv this song | Reviewer: Eddyson | 2/21/13

I love this song i always feel this song is talking about me anyway i wss once saved thats why am free today but my greatest wish for Rkelly is he should give his life to christ i have heard a lot of rumurs that he is ilimunati please kelly God loves you he can save you just like your song says from all your fans out hear we all love you

maaan thank God for this song | Reviewer: danyelle jordan | 12/3/12

first of all i want to think you for this song Kelly..the first time i heard this song is when i was calling my friend n her thing was saying i had to listing to the music until my party is reached n i was like wat n i was sitting hear n then the song came on n i was like maan i really liked that song n i didnt know what it was called or anything n i never asked my friend what it was called n i was like maaan i really like that ong n i didnt know how to find it n one day i was on youstube n it poped up n i was like what is this n i listedto it n i was like omg i know this song n i was so happpy that i found out who song it n everything....well anyway i really love the song n the reason why i love it so much is bc i went through alot n i always thought everything was going to end n one day i got saved by Gods grace n backsilde n did more bad stufff n then i thought i had cancer bc it runs in my family n i went to the doctors n i had to take shots for it n they said i dont have it n i was so happy but this song touches me n i love it so much it helps me stay encourage.God bless u Kelly

Memory Moyo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/12

dis song is trully a blessn 2 me,every tme l go left l feel lyk God'z steerng me rght....and everytm l listen 2 it my hut goes lyk "boom!" knwn dat sme1 so caring z high above..GOD bless R.kelly 4 me,

The Blessing | Reviewer: jasmine mkinstry | 2/22/10

The first time i listen to this song i cried. Becuz this is a very touching song and im so glad r. kelly made it it can really change someone life you know how i know it hanged mines and know im more closer to the man obove all god my savior.

you save | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/09

One nite I was seaching the internet and I came across You save me by R kelly I must of listen to it 30 by now and still listen every chance I get so I can dance before the church. Thans R,Kelly My keep on bless you.

he saved me to | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/08

listning to this song is a song that you can turn to when you are down and out and think no bodys there for you ive listend to this song more then 50 times its great the first time i heard it it brought tears to my eyes even tho im young but hard times still comes this song is great and i love it some people should listen to it and god has saved me

i am able to relate | Reviewer: racquel | 9/27/07

this song is a true inspiration every time i hear the words of this song it sends chills down my spine. it is a true blessing it allows me to reflect on my life and see the different struggles that god has brought me through and is able to say that yes he truly saved me.

Found It | Reviewer: Julie | 2/18/07

I was searching for this song for like 2 years. So I dowloaded all fo R.Kelly's song and listened to it until I remmebered it. It really touched me when I Heard it on BET. I love this song lik a fat person loves food.

mighty hand | Reviewer: noble ndu | 2/11/07

i love this music so much.i believe its Gods mighty hand that saves us from our troubles and pains.for the singer God made him 2 say u saved me.God is gonnna do it 4 me and u.i love,bye...........

spelling error | Reviewer: kreece | 2/7/06

well written song. however there are a few errors in the lyrics on this site.
the first line of the second verse says
"Now I’ve been sitting in the chair while the right thing is:
"Now I’ve been sitting in this chair"
in the last line of the last verse, "cancer" was spelled "caners"
regardless of these marginal flaws the collection of lyrics is great