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Perpetrators and haters beware: one of the original thugs,
Yukmouth, is returning to the fray with a banging new
album, Thug Lord: The New Testament, a collection that
finally let's the world know who the true leaders of thug
life are.

"Everybody's thuggin' on wax," observes Yukmouth. "To be
the epitome of thuggin', I came with the Thug Lord thing.
Also, making music is a spiritual thing to me. You need
God. So it's... Me and God, the thug and the Lord, together
on the album."

Thug Lord: The New Testament arrives two years after More...

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Submit Yukmouth New Lyrics

Review about Yukmouth songs
9/29/13 | Reviewer: Big Skeet
    ------ About the song Thug Lord performed by Yukmouth

Yukmouth the truth... I feel that nigga. Scarface to need to stop withthe bullshit for a mimic to sell records & shit. I fuck wit Face but the niggaz time time has expired truthfully! I'm rockin witcha Yuk... D.C love Champ

This song is the shiz | Reviewer: Sexy RubberDucky
    ------ About the song Get Stupid, Go Dumb performed by Yukmouth

I think that this song is completely inapropriate. It is the DEVIL!!!!

(jk) This song is the fucking shit

these are the right words dumb ass! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kill Em Off performed by Yukmouth

[Chorus: Kris Kaliko]
We catchin 'em slippin' and war ain't no FAIR games
See they high, cause inside, I see you SCARED MANE
We pull them guns they run, when that lead came

The mob we don't fuck with no perpetrators or imitators
snitches, Bitches, traitors, player haters can't infiltrate us
We getting' hell of paper, and cribs with elevators

those are NOT the lyrics to that song | Reviewer: chizzle
    ------ About the song Mackin' Vs. Pimpin' performed by Yukmouth

those lyrics are wrong, or from a dif. song

the rymes off the word"pussy" for like 20 bars
that is tight on some west coast shit

Jealous 1's Envy 06 | Reviewer: Shaun Robinson
    ------ About the song Mackin' Vs. Pimpin' performed by Yukmouth

yukmouth iz the nigga on the westcoast its crazy to even try to debate that shit.If you listen to it all his songs hit hard and he be saying some slick shit. Im from the east and where im from not 2 many niggaz knew who yuk was until I hit em wit the double album. Now niggaz be playin yuk. Hands down the niggaz doin his thing I just wish more niggaz would feel him he needs more airplay in VA where im from.WORD

westside cali shit stay bangin | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Game Ova part. 2 performed by Yukmouth

man this is a bangin diss to dat fake gangtsa the game.that lil fake thug talkin mess about oakland,but every1 kno he's the softest thang walkin.if u have not heard it, hear it.good lookin out yukmouth!!!

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