Zug Izland Lyrics

Syn - Vocals
Mike P - Guitar, Programming
Little Pig - Drums
Dan Miller - Keyboards
B Nestor - Bass Guitar

What is - Zug Island?

From the bubbling cesspool of hazardous waste that engulfs
the city of Detroit, sickening its residents and radiating
the rodents, comes a new rock band ready to infect the ears
of a new generation: Zug Izland. Inspired by the industrial
waste dump after which they are named, Psychopathic Records
recording artists Zug Izland can best be described as toxic
rock, with a dirty sound emerged from the More...

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Submit Zug Izland New Lyrics

Reviews about Zug Izland songs

friends | Reviewer: Spikey Bubble
    ------ About the song Always performed by Zug Izland

Damn good song. It explains my friendship with so many friends and its good to listen to when I start feel alone in the world. It just makes me happy when I play it.

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