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Dilated Peoples @mrevidence Interlude Lyrics

Last updated: 08/18/2014 08:08:05 PM

Lemme just do this interview real quick

[Phone ringing]

[Evidence:] Hello?

[Brian Brant:]
Hey, this is, uh, Brian Brant calling for a Mr. Evidence?

[Evidence:] How you doing?

[Brian Brant:] First and foremost, I am a huge fan of your work. I mean, I've been following you since your early days of Instagram...

[Evidence:] Oh...

[Brian Brant:] It's really great to meet you

[Evidence:] Yeah. Thanks, good to meet you

[Brian Brant:] Where's your inspiration come from?

[Evidence:] Just everyone around me, you know, from Alchemist on down to, Rakaa, you know, my mom. Everybody. You know, anybody around that I'm inspired by

[Brian Brant:] That's awesome. Do you prefer working indoor or outdoor?

[Evidence:] Um, uh, psh, I don't really know any outdoor studios, so I'm gonna go with indoor

[Brian Brant:] Okay, great, me too. Great interview; I'll let you know when we're gonna put it up on the blog...

[Evidence:] That's it?

[Brian Brant:] know, great to meet you

[Evidence:] That's-that's the whole interview? No disrespect

[Brian Brant:] Well, yeah, unless there's something you wanted to say?

[Evidence:] Yeah, I just thought we'd talk about music a little bit too

[Brian Brant:] I'd love to talk about music

[Evidence:] Cool, Dilated Peoples album...

[Brian Brant:] You're putting out a photo album? That's great! When does that come out?

[Evidence:] No-no, music. I'm in a music group called Dilated Peoples. Rap group. Are you serious?

[Brian Brant:] That's co- I mean, I used to be in a band, it's just a real-really fun thing

[Evidence:] Cool, man. Thank you. Thank you for your time