Sage Francis 16 Years Lyrics

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The sun flies through the sky leaves darkness in it's wake
And now I hear the hell hounds barking at the gate
To be honest sometimes I want you to relate
This ain't up for discussion it's not a topic for debate
Entrepreneurs that want to bottle up the hate
And slap a label on the glass so hard that it'll break
And if you break it you buy it and we sold it by the case
It's OK if you just try it you can hold it to your face

How close can you get without touching it
How far removed can you get from the public
Can you keep a secret?
If not, can you tie a slipknot?
Can you stand high up on this brick block?
Listen to the clock tick tock and switch gears
It's been 1 2 3 4 5 6 years

Are they all dancing now? Are you joining the party?
Are just celebrating your life just by destroying your body?
It's a part of your psyche that I want to sight see
I don't need you as a tour guide and I don't want you to like me
I was voted least likely
That's it just least likely
So pardon me if I seem feisty
Bite my tongue like a bullet take a pull from the peace pipe
Push past the low expectations of me each night

I leave light in my wake and I moonwalk across the floor
Until I hear the sex kittens all purring at the door
There's something outside that we all want
But inside there's an ex who marks a soft spot
Till it rots and decays and then no one else cares
It's been 7 8 9 10 11 12 years

Now I sell pennies to the well-wishers
I fish through the coin slots
I fall through a girls bait participate in boycotts
I demonstrate a demon's trade
With a face void of thoughts
If that don't launch a thousand ships
Than that's a Helen of Troy's loss
There's nothing in this horse
It's hollow it's empty it's entry will not be forced
Like an eye socket stripped clean of tears
It's been 13 14 15 16 years

Written by: Sage Francis, Kurt Read, Jim Becker, Brian Deck, Gordon Patriarca, Tim Rutili
Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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