Backfire! 20 G's Lyrics

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With lots of good will and an open mind,
I tried to change my view
Maybe I got a wrong idea about life
It was time to learn somthin' new

Invested a lot in this time of dismay
and went on this enlightening trip
Just to be dissapointed and reset in my way
So I returned to my familiar crip

20 G's lost too the straight edge
Now I know for sure it ain't made for me
20 G's lost too the straight edge
Life made sure it wasn't meant to be
Rebel 4 Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Not Impressed
  • 2 20 G's
  • 3 Who Told You Life Was Easy?
  • 4 The Stakes Are Too High
  • 5 Straight Outta M-Town
  • 6 Strife
  • 7 One by One
  • 8 No Time to Forgive
  • 9 Lifestyle
  • 10 True Romance??
  • 11 When Will It End?
  • 12 Trouble
  • 13 Hate
  • 14 Blue Fascism
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