Mac Lethal 25,000 Lyrics

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18 miles road workers wanna slow us down
The AM radio static and that old funk sound
is playing. Pull up in this po-dunk town
So now it's either eat McDonald's or don't eat a meal til tomorrow
Countin yellow lines as we're skirtin past cops
And the damn van smells like dirty ass socks
Haven't talked to my girl on the phone since the weekend
It's Wednesday today, so I know that she's cheatin.
Female fans in the Simpleway(?) flatter me
Cause all I'm really stackin is a kitchen-aid salary
And I could use some triple A batteries
My discman is dead, the loneliness haunts me, it lives in my head
I don't wanna act that 'vay'
So I try to take a nap backstage
And get the rest that I have not found yet
But right when I get comfortable they say that it's time to do soundcheck (Shit!)
[chorus X2]
I got 25,000 miles to go, before my system is back on cruise control
Count those yellow lines! (So let's ride.)
Count those yellow lines!
I gotta be on stage in 25 minutes
But my girlfriend calls and says 'we need to visit'
Man her voice just switched tones, she wants to break up but we can talk about it when I get home (click, gone)
I'm on the verge of tears, my life is a mess
I gotta try to suppress the nervous fear, it's like I'm possessed to persevere
But man underneath the scenery, something keeps punching me repeatedly
And everybody knew from the lit up stage
I was trying to entertain with the wave of my pent-up rage
I had my dj drop the needle
But I felt like Don Flamingo, heartbroken
And I could not hide it, it hurts to acknowledge it,
But I was such a jerk to the audience
I didn't even make the attempt to connect with the fans
I just went outside, drunk, and slept in the van
The next day I'm on the way to Baltimore
But what the hell is my big sister callin for?
I answered, she told me she was calling to tell me
To come home quick cause momma's not healthy
Great, me and old girl failed each other
Now I gotta go home to an ailing mother
But first I gotta do like 30 more shoes
This is my life on the God-damn-road
Thanks to V Balayan
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