Damnation A.D. A Better Tomorrow Lyrics

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All I want is to understand
Why everything good melts like ice in my hands
I'm afraid to ask - how long can this last?
This life will leave me, their smiles tease me
I've wished my last wish

Forced to keep all these thoughts to myself
For fear you won't care enough to help
None of your words will ever be heard
Void of emotion, there's no solution

I've wished my last wish
It's too late to wait for a better tomorrow

Why does everything good melt like ice in my hand?

No More Dreams of Happy Endings Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Two Steps Down
  • 2 No More Dreams
  • 3 No Way Out
  • 4 A Better Tomorrow
  • 5 The Hangedman
  • 6 Funeral March
  • 7 In Memorium
  • 8 Sleep
  • 9 Eleven Thirty Four
  • 10 A Second Face
  • 11 Outro
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