Ed Cash A Friend Is Like a Flower Lyrics

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When you come together with a group of people
That you've never seen before
There lies the subtle fear that you might have to open the door
To an opportunity of letting someone get to know you
To an opportunity of letting someone try to show you

A friend is like a flower
They bloom out over time
The rain makes them grow with every shower
And the sunlight makes them shine
People come and people go to places far away
But the people that I like the most
Are the ones who know how to stay
There may be two thousand miles
Between our living space
But there's twice that many smiles for them
On my heart felt face

I'm not good with good-byes
Or feeling wetness in my eyes
But I believe that when we leave
We'll all be in the sky
There's a home for each of us
Where our life begins
When we arrive completely alive
And realize everyone can win

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