Dom Kennedy A Intermission for Watts Lyrics

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Spread love to the Eastside
Spread love to the Westside

Inglewood to Compton
South Central coming and
Love to the Eastside, but Watts is the motherland
Watts is the motherland [4x]

I wrote this um poem because
A couple weeks ago I went um down to Watts with my homeboy
And uh he had some of his friends with him they was coming or whatever to take pictures or whatever
And they was looking like um
They had never seen black people
You know what I'm saying and um
I realized that uh
If you scared of your own people then you scared of yourself
So I'm encouraging everybody to drive on down, get on the bus, take the train or whatever
Get on down to Watts
Peace to Glasses Malone and Jay Rock
Yup you know
[Hook to fade] Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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