Underdog A Lot to Learn Lyrics

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You say you're in command
You've got the upper hand
And yet you hate and you fear
What you won't understand
You're superior
They're inferior
They have no place in your masterplan
What you call "pride" and "power"
I see as weakness and cowardice
Your every action governed
At ignorance and prejudice
Your philosophy is sheer stupidity
You're the enemy

And I will fight you until my dying day
I vow that I will not live your way
You'll come to learn
That you've got a lot to learn
When you love you are loved in return
You will have to bear the cross that you burn
You've got a lot to learn
I'm strong
I don't need to belong
You have shown
And I've known all along
That you're wrong
And I will never back down
I'll never give in
I'll never quit
I'm in the right and I know it
Your racist elite are doomed to defeat
I've come to learn
That I've got a lot to learn
When I hate I'm hated in return
From now on it's love I'll try and give
That's got to be the better way to live

No matter what I won't return your hate
(Not me)
But I will fight you any way you choose
I won't surrender
I won't capitulate
(I'm free)
I'm going to win
You're going to lose
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