Salem Hill A Perfect Light Lyrics

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I’ve read about your kind
Snatched from second story windows
Mom and daddy blind
A child of the dust
As yet to know the sober pain
Of broken bonds of trust

I’ll hold you till you sleep
Warm and peaceful keep
No more to fear from strangers
I will be your manger

Regard me…regard me

I’ve read about your kind
Hatched from plastic teller islands
Buy and sell and grind
You love her like your car
Would she be proud to call you hers
If she knew who you are?

I’ll hold her till she sleeps
Warm and peaceful keep
And this to you I give
Another day to live

Regard me…regard me

The blood pools to one side
Nobody left to know the joy they
Shared before they died
Anonymously bright
A frozen frame of family
Perhaps the perfect light

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