KamB.I.N.O. A Proper Introduction Lyrics

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[Intro: Kambino's Mother]
It's been a long road for you son
Beginning from your birth
When I gave you back to the Lord, Kunta Kinte style
I knew, even then, that you had a special call on your life
In the art of the spoken word, manifested in your youth, was God's special gift to you
And although you've had more than your share of hardships
God helped you make it through life's trials
And because you've put your faith in Him he has blessed you
And now the struggle is over, it's your time to shine for His Glory
And son, I'm so very proud of you

I've been waiting for a long time, and man it made me wonder
How they keep eating off the wrong rhymes when they can't match my hunger
I once was thirsty for the limelight but now my heart's pure and my mind's right
And I understand exactly why I came
The world is in position for a change

[Verse 1]
I stand as a a relatively simple man, complex mind
That used to plan activities plan ...
But that man's a memory vanished I'm
Being crafted by the Master and Kam's just fine
Realized every breathe I had was borrowed
So can't mistakes today and say "I'll make it up tomorrow"
Man without the Savior's grace I would be "Crazy" like Gnarls Barkley
Turn in to the bottle like Charles
Hardly worthless I got vision and a purpose
Plus a father who forgives and loves me when I don't deserve it
Some don't recognize my heart because they're looking at the surface
If they saw what lies beneath I swear they all get nervous
A revelation is what's about to occur
I bar tend the industry, shaken not stirred
I'm hawking the enemy, staying in my Word
Ear to the Father's heart, I'm just saying what I heard


[Verse 2]
My major motivation is a nation that's lost
Homie chasing after dollars not equating a cost
Most were raised without their fathers so the hatred that they harbor
Ate away at all their faith until it straight got martyred
Minds got bartered, lives got slaughtered
Girls turned manly, sons got daughter'd
Sweet like candy, hurts my heart to see it
Cause the enemy been lying
What's worse? They all believe it
It makes me want to hurl like I'm bulimic
Or I'm seasick, I gotta reach them
So on tablets I battle with an ink pen
Attack the tracks with a swagger to get them thinking
Put them on to the only one that can free them
Emancipation proclamation, no Lincoln
Hope to see them spared

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