Abhorrent Castigation A Walking Bastion of Blasphemy Lyrics

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Our wrath is an untilled field
A nutritious soul
For the seed of change
The time of harvest has come
The birth of my kind
Is the dawn of a new age
The negation of the holy
The sanctification of the earthly

I dance on the graves
Of all the shepherds and prophets
Freedom is to be taken
Not to be given

I reevaluate all values
I am the great discoverer
I wipe the shame away
I am the great liberator
Now behold the fatuous
Who hide their faces in fear
Who moan and howl
Under the burden of my gospel

What shall we do now in a world
A world without values
Does that make the world valueless?
Or does it beg for a value smith?

Hear my laughter well
All you slave drivers
As my laughter erodes
The stone of your godly monuments
My words are bombs
To the palaces
My thoughts are cure
For those suppressed

Hear my laughter well
All you gods and ghosts
As my laughter is
Your downfall

I kill the gods
I am the great mind
I love this life
I am a walking bastion of blasphemy

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