Wade O. Brown About Her Lyrics

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About Her

Verse 1
Every morning on my way to work
I see this woman trying to get her kids to school
Now I see her there but she don't notice me
She's too wrapped up in her world she's got things to do I talked to her a few times but nothing serious
Just friendly conversation
Can't be too obvious
'Til she could see my true intentions
My feelings I won't mention about her

She's very kind
I've seen her soul
I can tell she's got heart of gold
I wanna make her mine so I can know
All there is to know about her
One of a kind
I know her soul
I can tell there's something about her
Since she caught my eye
Every conversation has been about her

Verse 2
She's got three kids
Don't know where the fathers been
But that don't concern me
I just wanna know where I fit in
Not to say I wanna mess with another man's wife
'Cause you told me things would be easier if she had a partner in life
I didn't wanna press it further cause I don't wanna pry
All I know she's single and I can't understand why
She's got a warm smile that could melt away the cold
and there's so much more to know
about her


In my mind she's everything I dreamed
but it's all hazy
does she maybe even think of me

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