Hammercult Above the Ruins Lyrics

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Ride - unleash our vengeance
The hammers of decay are back again
To bring the b******s total death and endless pain
We reign - we reign in fire and there is a hell to pay
No choice - the end is near for he who chose to stay
Hate within our eyes
Fires burns within our hearts
The flame that never dies
Ravaging your lies
For only havoc left behind
Above the ruins we ride

Blood - let bloodshed rain in fields of carnage as we let it spread
While the battle rages on, our victory is at hand
I will have revenge and I will seal your fate
You cry, no bullshit will save you from my hate
This is ending, nothing will be saved
United by bloodshed and pride
Lives are grinded to dust
Across the mountain side
we ride to everlasting doom
Above the ruins of the fallen
the ashes forever remain
Spreading the fire as we charge back again
Bringers of violence, we're the bringers of pain
Bodies lay broken as they're grinded to dust
No mercy - we sing as we plunge into war
Flames and mass graves can be seen from asore
By blood and by hammers we rule this land

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