ABC Diabolo Admission Lyrics

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From the limits of time to a helping hand
a welcome crime becomes a loaded gun
from time to time - too scared to defy
no solution in sight - obligation demands
you shoot up some more while you tip the scales
expectation is for...your efforts fail
fooled by none-existent
everytime you realize
things are going wrong as before
that´s when you try to conceal
that´s when you start to ignore
Give Rise to Doubts Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Go Round in Pacifist Circles
  • 2 Ephemeral
  • 3 Absence
  • 4 Children of No Revolution
  • 5 Very Moment
  • 6 At the Conclusion of My Speech
  • 7 Dead Instincts
  • 8 Ditch Your Profession
  • 9 Engaged (In Every Meaning)
  • 10 Open Frame
  • 11 Admission
  • 12 Devil in Me
  • 13 Grey Devours
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