Garrison After the Fight Lyrics

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All eyes wake up and I can see the damage bruising down a weathered street and burning in our desperate sleep. And you can talk for miles, and I can walk for days and it doesn't get much better, but sometimes it's ok to end a life, to start alive. Today you always have something else to do. Today was always too much, for these eyes can't hide a million justified lies. They grow warts with age. I'm digging for a fir to set this stage. I'll burn out myself here, open arms singing along to an empty chair. And I'm a firm believer in every wasted breath and every bitter end and every wayward tongue that begs a singalong and everybody's strong to barelt just hang on to. Today you never have anything to do. Today is never enough, for these eyes can't hide a million wasted lies. Stop waiting for an alibi to give when you've been pacified. Get on your feet. Get up and move on

A Mile in Cold Water Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 After the Fight
  • 2 Selective Hearing Loss
  • 3 Is That a Threat
  • 4 Squirrel Bait
  • 5 Theres Only So Much Coffee
  • 6 Our Mild Scoliosis
  • 7 Always Be Closing
  • 8 Fuel
  • 9 The Dumbest Angel
  • 10 Penelope
  • 11 Favorite Goodbye Fuck
  • 12 Reprise
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