Yonderboi After the Snap Lyrics

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I don't know. The doc musta come over or somethin' and gave him somethin'. Probably some kind of medicine or somethin'. I coulda just took it, put it in a ditch... like they do to a horse. They shoot 'im right away.

I've been thinkin' what to do with my future. I could be a mud doctor... checkin' out the earth underneath.

Roll in the fields... talk to the wheat patches.

They'd go in my dreams.

(from the 'Days of Heaven' movie)
Passive Control Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sustainable Development
  • 2 I Am CGI
  • 3 She Complains
  • 4 Roast Pigeon
  • 5 Paint Hunting on the Wall
  • 6 Brighter Than Anything
  • 7 Mono de Oro
  • 8 Synchronicity
  • 9 Inexhaustible Well
  • 10 Come on Progeny
  • 11 After the Snap
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