Garden of Delight Afterlife Lyrics

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Watching the dead of the sun
The sun no longer rises
(for me)
Across the horizons
Drift away slowly
Deep beneath an ancient dominion
Like a dream beyond dimensions
I walk the endless trail
Over cold and forgotten days
Through the deepest void without ending
Will dark be bright
In the afterlife?
In the cold twilight i stand
Watching myself
Deeper and deeper
Deeper we fall
Watching my life
Reflecting the fall
Oh it burns inside
No place to hide
Which possesses my mind
I deserve to die
Leave it all behind
And my heart stands still
Come away with me

Apocryphal II: The Faithful Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Infernal Psalms
  • 2 Levitation
  • 3 Angelwhore
  • 4 Afterlife
  • 5 Wintercoffin
  • 6 Pentagrams Burning
  • 7 Angelwhore - Epilog
  • 8 Deeper We Fall
  • 9 The Watchers
  • Artists A to Z: