Palomar Albacore Lyrics

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You got yourself a new car
Now it's a permanent wreck
That's because you won't stop for the weekends
And everybody knows speed kills
The unstoppable smile is the impossible bet
Everyone wants to see if we'll take it
But they already know we will

C'mon albacore,
When will you be happy again?
(It seems so long)
Count them up and think of them all as your friends
I walk outside to the phone
Each call to you is collect to me
Miles are your friends when you're leading but your not when you're too far ahead

To a spot on the line
Another spot the line
One inch up don't mean much in the grand scheme
When each side streches out to nil; so far
Palomar III: The Revenge of Palomar Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Planeiac
  • 2 Albacore
  • 3 Work Is a State Function
  • 4 Knitting for Pleasure
  • 5 You Dance Bad
  • 6 Not Earned
  • 7 The Lost Freshman
  • 8 Liquor Store
  • 9 The Snapper
  • 10 Talk to Your Captor!
  • 11 Minory Song
  • 12 Fried Palomari
  • 13 Underwater
  • 14 Brick and the Skipper
  • Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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