2AM Club All I Hear Is Lyrics

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[verse 1: Tyler]
Oh yeah, this my s***
Both hands on my d***
c**e and whatever's gon' mix
I ain't really picky I just wanna get tip...sy
R.I.P. them days when I was in J's like Bieber and
Days when I couldn't imagine being friends
With these types of girls now I leave with them
[Hook: Marc]
Standing on the edge of this crowd
Music in the air so loud
Lost you somewhere in the night
Got to get you back on my side
Take out my phone I'm calling you up
But all I hear is (2x)
[Verse 2: Tyler]
Oh yeah, put my feet up
Chillin' so hard that I'll probably need a
Parka and a scarf, when I start pulling k***s
Like I'm some kind of parking meter
They all wanna catch up
But I just want to see ya
So I'm looking through my cell phone
Cause I feel like I need ya

[Hook: Marc]
[Outro: Marc]
Look at that girl with the lights coming up in her eyes
She must be somebodies baby
She's got to be somebodies baby
All the guys on the corner stand back
Let her walk on by
She must be somebodies baby
She's got to be somebodies baby
Take out my phone, I'm calling you up
Oooohhh, yeah-eh

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