Ed Cash All Lyrics

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A life time of love, of dedicated devotion
Always thinking of others, bigger than any emotion
Hotter than fire, cooler than fresh snow
Brighter than a sun shiny day, and stronger than
The wind that blows

He is all I could desire
He is all I'll ever need
He is all it took to make the mountains
He is all it took to make you and me
He is all there ever was
He is all there will ever be
He is all that my heart could hope for
He is always there for me
More powerful than feelings, the answer to fear
Responsible for healing, full of joy and cheer
Louder that thunder, softer than a baby's breath
Did you ever wonder how he conquered death


Stability Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Fountain
  • 2 Live in Love
  • 3 All
  • 4 The Couple
  • 5 If You See Me Cry
  • 6 The Only Hope
  • 7 Stability
  • 8 Remember Me
  • 9 Push
  • 10 Through God's Eye's
  • 11 A Reason
  • 12 Reprise (Stability)
  • 13 Happiness
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