The Sugargliders Aloha Street Lyrics

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Our eyes first met cross a crowded room
It was clear we have gone to very different schools

The smoke clings from her lipstick lips
Spoke to me, Ill cast the dreams

She said youre consistent with my test
But blew the smoke into my face

Should flow yours from the wrestling chair
I told her why that Ive been there

We two talked close til it was late
And made a pact wed surely break

I wondered why I felt betrayed
But where was the love we thought weve made?

As I run in a heartbeat
And this great big spin, we didnt count of it
Something that we said a long time ago
Its gonna make a whole lot more the sense when I read it out tomorro
We're All Trying to Get There Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Letter From a Lifeboat
  • 2 Strong
  • 3 Seventeen
  • 4 Aloha Street
  • 5 Ahprahran
  • 6 Theme From Boxville
  • 7 Unkind
  • 8 Trumpet Play
  • 9 Will We Ever Learn
  • 10 Reinventing Penicillin
  • 11 90 Days of Moths and Rust
  • 12 Top 40 Sculpture
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