Game Theory Amelia, Have You Lost Lyrics

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Amelia have you lost your patience

With my attempts at conversations?

I know I've lost my chance with you

I know the words aren't getting through

So what should I do?

Amelia has the one you trusted

Grown hard and maladjusted?

But there are always reasons why

I know I can't just say goodbye

So what's left to try?

What if the whole world saw I care?

It's never kind to souls laid bare

Oh Amelia, I'm half undone inside, I swear

Amelia did a perfect vision

Fade under cold derision?

I'm tired of staying out of sight

But are the cold stares left and right

Just too much to fight?

Next life, I'll be the young distraught

You be the jungle man now caught

Oh Amelia, I can't give what I haven't got

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