Lil Boosie Animosity Lyrics

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n____s been hatin' since school, cause I'm a fool.
Polo down year round with twenties off the ground.
I go to clubs, n____s smug but I don't hear the sound.
Them n____s throw a line across but they won't get down.
Watch you could be wrong. n____s trying to steal your soul.
n____ broke in my car when I used to give em dough.
Talk about me when I pass through, smile when I stop.
So I strap down everyday cause I can't ride like Tupac.
You n____s want my force out my voice, I know.
You n____s want some n____s dead in that boat. Well let's go.
My mamma told me bout them n____s. Them n____s ain't your friends.
Who saw me stash my s___, you buggin me again.
We supposed to be kin. But your family hurt you too.
That dust and that gin got me thinkin a dirt'll do.
But hatin leads to brokeness and brokeness lead to hopeless.
And don't thank me n____, I know it's you and your animosity.


What kinda n____ call my mom and tell her her son got shot?
A p____ n____ who need that d___ up in his thigh. Box.
I got rocks. Lotta n____s don't like that.
Like (... ?) I'll be right back. 'G' nights with my night cat.
Since the start of s___, I had haters back then.
Used to get my name in my day when I was 8, 9, and 10.
And these hoes runnin off, f___in up my relationships.
I done had enough, don't know how much I can take this s___.
My baby mamma peep but they can't run it to the fullest.
It's because this d___ got me runnin up them bullets.
I know you hate my twenties so I'm a get some more inches.
And I'm a get some Ks and have you runnin jumpin fences.
I'm lookin in the judge eyes, and he muggin me down.
Bad moves to red stick. There ain't no love in this town.
They hold a grudge in this town, They catchin slugs in this town.
And don't think I ain't beefin you, clown.
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