1476 Anno Domini Lyrics

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Anno Domini

You see me?/ I crawl on all fours
I'm a beast/ I cry like wolves
I scream/ I wander though time
I'm a dream/ I haunt you at night
I am a demon hiding in the darkness
I can see the light but i will never reach it
I see you/ You warm up to him
You're holy/ You speak to Seraphim
You are beauty/ Your grace transcends time
And you slipped me/ And you haunt me every night
A Wolf's Age Track Listing
  • 1 Anno Domini
  • 2 Swallow the Sun
  • 3 Son of the Hunter
  • 4 This Is Not Lucid
  • 5 Dithyramb
  • 6 Evoke You
  • 7 Herne‚Äôs Oak
  • 8 Oriens Astrum
  • 9 The Demons in the Circle
  • 10 The Cleansing Scourge
  • 11 Medicine Man
  • 12 Der Vampyr
  • 13 The Wanderer
  • 14 Closed Casket Heart
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