Damh the Bard Antlered Crown and Standing Stone Lyrics

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Verse 1

I am the face within the leaves,
I am the voice within the trees,
I am boy, I am man,
The face of the changing land,
And I have been your constant guide,
From your caves on the mountainside,
We have walked hand in hand.

Verse 2

Everywhere that I have been,
My passing turns the grey to green,
The birds sing to the dawn,
And the land has awoken.
Now my Lady lays with me,
Our love weaves its tapestry,
Eternal threads, unbroken.


I am lover, I am father,
I am Horned God and King,
I'm the life in all of Nature,
That is reborn every Spring,
Call of stag and cry of eagle,
I am Child of Barleycorn,
And I am the Antlered Crown and Standing Stone!

Verse 3

I am the oats, the corn and grain,
A bearded man with a crooked cane,
Cut me down, I must die,
For the land to be born again,
But don't you cry and don't you grieve,
For soon the Wild Hunt I will lead,
On the night of Samhain.

Verse 4

The air is cold,
The sky is grey,
Where am I this Winter's day,
Bones of trees, fallen leaves,
The time of the Winter Queen,
But through the wind and snow and rain,
Know a part of me remains,
The Holly stands, evergreen.

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